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virtual hug

I’m new. New in every way. Diagnosed in 2016 so new to MS, new to Tecfidera, new to other MS users. I’m an annoyingly positive chap, so here’s a virtual hug to you all, a fist pump to the under 30’s and a handshake to the over 65’s. If you wanna talk then, let’s talk. Dan

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1 year ago

Hello @dwknott and welcome to Shift. My history is pretty similar and I’m on Tec too. That’s going OK. I’d say it’s taken me the full year to process everything and I’ve now pretty much forgotten what it feels like feel normal! That’s a bit strange. Anyways, still working although thinking about cutting back a bit. I guess I’m quite a positive person too and that’s really helped deal with the aftermath of diagnosis. My sister was weirdly also diagnosed at the same time so we have been able to support each other. Hope you’re having a good weekend, sending a virtual hug back 🙂

1 year ago

Hi there x

1 year ago

Do u actually own goat and sheep

1 year ago

Hi Really good people on here it’s helping me lots with advice and support I’m on Tec to this site makes you aware there is not only you suffering in the big world of ms.
Feel free to ask anything and someone will have experienced the same thing guaranteed and others can support you to overcome.
Take care

1 year ago

Hope you are finding the support you need, or even just making new friendships with like minded MSer s 🙂
Your positivity will be such a major factor in coping with MS, it sure helps me. Nothing will stop me having a good giggle!
Hope Tecfidera is going ok for you. I changed from that 7 months ago to Aubagio which seems better for me. Tec seems to do well for most though. We are lucky to have a good choice of meds.
Anyways before I ramble on and bore you away from this site I’ll wish you well. Have a great day!

1 year ago

Hi dwknott,
I’m and welcome! New here myself but like the site very much due to its lack of ” doom and gloom”, which like yourself I am annoyingly positive! LOL
I have a recent re-diagnosed of SPMS so now not on any meds. I keep myself healthy on a.plant based diet, yoga & meditation daily, Reflexology and the Wim Hoff Method of cold exposure…it all keeps me in a happy place. Welcome and keep healthy X

1 year ago

Welcome to the forum with a handshake. If you have any questions on your Tecfidera I will be glad to help. I am on my 5th year of taking it, I took Rebif 5 years before that. I had my first relapse in 10 years just before Christmas and I am slowly getting over it. I like to live everyday to the fullest and not worry about what might happen in the future. Potter

1 year ago

This was nice to read . You made me smile lol 😊

1 year ago

Hello and a handshake. I am Mary from NY. I was dx in 2015. I have a small problem walking& fatigue. Other than that things are ok. I take Techfidera and my MRI hasn’t changed in 2 years. I am assuming my MS is slow progressing or actually in check for right now. I take Ampura for walking & sometimes I walk really well but then not so good. Seems the brain doesn’t tell my left hip to work properly.
This is such a strange illness as each & every one of us has different degrees of it.
Best we can do is hang in there. Stay positive & hugs back at ya.

1 year ago

Lovely to meet you all and thank you for your messages 👌

1 year ago

Hi! I misread and thought you were sending everyone an MS hug and immediately wondered who could be so cruel (since it’s such an awful sensation.) I have reread your very kind message and wish you all the best. Also, as a member of the over 30 under 65 crowd, I offer you a high-five, thumbs-up combo.

1 year ago

@dwknott ((Hugs)) 😊 thanks for the friend request 🖒

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