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Viking Connection (Background)

Hi all! I recently came across an article that suggested the Norse Vikings were the first to disseminate MS throughout the (known) world. There are obvious connections between Vitamin D and northern climates and the frequency of MS but how many of us can say with some degree of certainty that we might be descended from Vikings?

I’m a medieval historian so I’m always thrilled by these historic connections! I’m definitely a Celt, from both sides of the family, though I’ve always adamantly denied that the Vikings could have defiled my ancestors’ pure Celtic blood. I’d say the ghosts of Vikings passed are laughing at me right about now.


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Sounds possible to me. Altho from New Zealand, my family are descended from Goteborg, Sweden.

People of North Eastern heritage are believed to be more prone to MS. My father was born in Russia and my mother from England. I think I am what you would call a “mutt” 🙂

Well, the Vikings made it to Russia too, so I’d say you’re pretty solid @chueykooh. Blasted fellows with their fictional horned helmets. 😉

I am familiar with this concept.

There is a story which backs this up yet still doesn’t really prove it’s a tangible connection. Interesting though.


@artisus those fictional horned helmets existed. I know this for sure as I bought one from Toys R Us back in the early nineties, as did my best friend Neil. They were very slightly too small for our heads but they could be jammed on (our eighties style haircuts assisted with this). We then proceeded to drive around in his car, occasionally looking menacingly at our fellow road users, with our small plastic Viking hats on. Attempting to keep a straight face and look bad-ass contributed to the comic effect. We laughed till it hurt (once out of sight so as to not destroy the effect). Oh happy days.

PS Back on topic, I would describe myself as Anglo Saxon. A bit of German, a touch of French too. I don’t think my genes have got very much Norse in them…

of course tyhe vikings had it. In scandinavia and most cold/ temperate weathers where there is no sun, is a direct invitation to MS. Also the answer to why there are no one from africa with it. (Africans, not just black, who are and have always stayed in sfrica)

I have only one query with the Viking connection, would it measn I get a pointy hat 😉

Well, since @aardvark had one back in the nineties, I vote we all get them, @Gav!

@emmak– but genetics do play a role. I grew up in central Australia where there’s nothing but sunshine, and many of my friends have been in sunny, hot climates for generations. It’s really interesting stuff though! So we’re generally Vit. D deficient, yet many of us can’t handle the sun and heat. Ironic or what?

When I first got diagnosed and did tons of research I came across a “list” of 1000’s of people with MS and what they had most in common. I fit NONE of those things that were similar to a thousand different things. So to me until they figure out WHAT MS is they can’t narrow it down to any specific thing that causes it. 🙂

The viking connection of course have a genetic side to it. If our family or ancestors if you will. I has to do with the vitamin D, which is supplied by sun mainly. The lack of the natural vitamin D causes an increase in whit blood cells, who are all MS patients, enemy no 1! Is MS is not caused by the white blood cells (the immunity system), getting under the brain-cap? My doctor took a daqy out of his schedule to tell me and other patients what actually was the root of the MS…

But really doesn’t it make sense as the top MS research- centres and researchers are in Denmark and Sweden?

…and what is this with pointy hats? As a true Dane (am from and in Denmark)I have studied both the Vikings and now also the MS. Being in Scandinavia I also have access to the top of the new meds. Unfortunately I had a backfire of Tysrabi. This means that there are no more meds for me. Have gone sterile. 🙁

But hey life was tough before the MS… And who was the bastard who invented justice? He should be put before the court!

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