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Urticaria (hives) to do withs ms?

Out of nowhere my thighs and bum was covered in itchy raised patches that serm to travel. One moment they are than gone the next to reapear elsewhere. After 3 days i went to see my gp she confirmed my suspision of urticaria. I’ve been wrecking my brain have not eaten any different stuff or used different washing powder etc etc. It does read on some info pages that it could have to do with underlying autoimmune deseases.
Anybody expierienced it or knows it related? No biggy just ichy and ugly 🙂
Xx lottie

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6 years ago

Hi Lottie

Not sure if it is definitely to do with ms, but I believe it is.
From time to time I get this, have not eaten anything different to normal, not changed washing powder etc but the hives just appear. If I can rest and not move, then they settle down, but the minute I move I am covered all over, very unpleasant. My gp is not sure if it is just another annoying symptom but I am sure it must be. Only relief for me is a prescription for strong anti histamines from the doc.
Hope your’s clears up quickly.

6 years ago

yes the gp gave me antihistamines wich seems to help. but showers en tight clothing is a nono 🙂

6 years ago

Funnily enough, the only time I’ve suffered with hives is when I had my last major relapse (the relapse that led to my diagnosis). I was staying at my Dad’s house at the time because I was having some building work done at home. I thought I might be allergic to the washing powder he was using to wash the sheets, as it happened during the night.

Over the next couple of days they subsided, but I became unbelievably stiff. I felt like an old man.

I haven’t heard of hives being connected to MS in any way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

6 years ago

I haven’t had any hives. Recently I did have this weird skin issue though. Found a circular spot just above my knee. Thought it was a dark purple bruise so I ignored it. Then I re-found it again a week later and thought (because it was pink) that it was a bug bite…but remembered I had seen it a week before and it didn’t itch or hurt…so not a bug bite.
I started paying attention to it and noticed that when I was off my feet it was pink but when I got off work or something where I had been on my feet for a while…it looked like a dark bruise.
Very strange. Now after a month its finally starting to fade away.

6 years ago

glad i found this post! my mum has had urticaria in the extreme since i was born |( nearly 31 years ago) she is medication daily and if she misses her whole boy swells with te hives. i was smug as thougth it had missed me and two weeks ago the dermatologist diagnosed me. she swore blind it wasn;t ms related but i have my susicions. Just before my last relapse my face swole up my eye lids were all puffy and my whole face was covered in hives- think botox gone wrong lol and it is always worse beroe or during a relapse

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