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Urinary Retention

Hello everyone. I have a question that I hope I can get answers to. I’m 28, was diagnosed with Relapsing remitting MS October 2015. My main symptoms are he MS hug on my upper right side and urinary retention. I am currently taking Ocybutinin for urunary retention, 5mg 3x a day. My question is wether there are any long term effects of taking this medication. I find that if I don’t take it it makes it a lot difficult to go pee. Would it be wise to try other options? I’m the long run will this affect me? Thanks for the help in advance.

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1 year ago

@velvet2623 , I’m not aware of any long term issues with Oxybutinin . However, there are a range of medications available to relax your bladder, so you may wish to discuss this with your MS team/Continency support.

There is a non medical resolution to urinary retention, Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC). This might sound awful, but the benefits are enormous. This may be worth discussing too.

1 year ago

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. ISE sounds a little scary but a conversation I’d be open to have. Thanks again!

1 year ago


Good morning to you.

I was never offered meds for my retention.
And I feel your fear of ISC.
I was exactly the same on here 2 yrs ago when my crn kept coming at me with them.
How on earth could I put that “thing” in such a “tiny hole”. 😂
It made me feel physically sick.
Then one day, I put my biggest of big girl pants on and tried it.
First few months was horrid, wash hands, catheter, wash hands, bag isc up and bin.

Now I don’t even think about it.
I’m super pro, can do it in the dark unlike the poor guys. 😂😂 Pro Pisser 😂😂

I only ever had one infection when I began isc but very plain sailing since.
Now these wee green catheters are my life.
I don’t want to go back to 2 dribbles and a fart every 20 mins.

Not for everyone I guess but it certainly has made life so much easier.

All the best to you.
Lisa xx

1 year ago

I’ve read that oxybutinin can have cognitive effects and that there are newer meds which are better. Having said that, I was prescribed Vesicare and it didn’t work.

1 year ago

Hi @velvet2623 – it’s a tough situation for sure! I was dx with Interstitial Cystitis in the 90s, and had to instill medication via catheter daily. I became quite the pro! Then it suddenly became painful to cath – not sure why. Then last month I was sitting on the toilet wondering what the heck to do – I got out one of those catheters and stared at it for a long time. Something I’d done so frequently, was now a terrible prospect. I ended up able to pee – but it’s not going to be that way for long I’m afraid. I’m personally in favor of the catheters over the chemicals. But that’s just me. It’s a quick easy solution. I wish you the best!

1 year ago

Hi I’m in the can’t Pee club side of continence and have to self cath (ISC) and it’s pretty easy. Basically if you can put a tampon in (i.e hands / balance) then you’ll be good to go after wine in no time. I’m all for drug therapies if they are working but it is a low tech intervention. My top tip – try standing up if you can – much easier and not likely to drop it in the toilet.

Ps I got a bit down about it as it is an annoyance but like @cherish Big girl pants to the ready and all is well now

1 year ago

I appreciate the responses, will definitely be talking to my doctor about ISC, maybe a different medicine may help. Again, thanks a lot

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