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1 year ago

It’s the brain getting the messages confused. A neuro physio could help with this, because they’d give you strategies and exercises to encourage the brain to make new pathways.

1 year ago

Thanks @cameron. I hope you’re well. Yes, I do go to neuro physio and I have an FES machine. I’m just walking around like I’m a toddler learning to walk again haha!

1 year ago

I have this on my right leg. No Pain but after walking a short while it “just doesn’t listen” I do not have pain. It just will not walk. Stairs are a challenge if there are many, especially without a railing. I try to avoid them in if I can. I have a lesion where the brain meets the spine and they think this is effecting the leg. I find the mornings better but have to rest it even if I don’t feel tired. I try to park close to where I am going and do not rush. I am newly diagnosed so still figuring things out the best I can. I have started to be strategic where I can such as groceries and parking and time of day for appointments. I am not one to nap but find a zone out break on the body and brain for even 30 min. helps. And a looooong nights sleep if you can.
Hopefully this passes for all of us. But as I read amother on the site said “Make MS live With You, not live with it” xo

1 year ago

It’s my left leg. No pain but It has clonus in the mornings and won’t go where I want it to. clonus is worse if I’m anxious like crossing a road on my scooter, but lifting my leg off the foot plate stops it. Generally I touch walk or use my partners arm for support as my balance has gone. At times it seizes up which makes me more likely to fall which I’m trying NOT to. I’ve just bought a walker to practice walking – ‘use it or lose it’. We used to walk 3 miles every morning, now I go on an exercise bike for 15 mins to try and keep fit. I plan to build up the time. Janeb74 is right….’make MS live with you, not you with It’.

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