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undiagnosed newbie

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post…I have commented on a few others but this I guess is my introduction 🙂 I would like to say it helps reading others experiences and frustrations as it doesn’t make me feel so alone in all this.

A little background I’m a almost 35 yr old mother of 2 girls. Happily married and started a new career 2 years ago.
My first hit with possible symptoms was Thanksgiving of 2016. I was working at the office and felt the best I’d felt in 3 weeks (was dealing with some sort of chest cough/infection). I noticed someone pulling in and decided to prep my computer in case they had a inquiry on a particular property (im a realtor). When I sat down I instantly felt disoriented and kept falling to one side and with it I starting sweating with a sharp pain shooting down the front right side of my face. I ended up calling for help as i was in the office alone and my husband took me to emerg. I was still feeling disoriented and falling to my left side. After an hour or so at the hospital the rights side of my face went numb. Drs ruled out stroke and bells palsy. They wanted a MRI done as well as sent a referral to a neurologist specializing in MS.
Few days following the initial attack my left leg went numb then my right along with cold/tingling sensations.
MRI was done on my brain and spine both coming up clear. Also blood tests were coming up fine.
I to this day still have numbing in my left leg on good days but on bad days it intensifies as well as spreads to my right leg.
Last week I woke to it covering most of my body. My right side of my face was really heavy and numb. I had some slight hypersensitive feeling in my feet and some on my arms.

A few other symptoms I have are:

I notice that whenever my body is going through something (cold/flu or just my menstrual cycle) my symptoms increase in intensity.

I have a one year follow up apt end of March with my neurologist. Anyone know if they’ll even bother with more tests? I’m tired and frustrated and just don’t feel myself anymore. I’m not saying I want MS. Just want some answers as to why my body feels like its failing me. The unknown scares me.

Thanks for reading

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9 months ago


Since the MRI on your brain & spine came up clear, you probably do not have MS. And yes you should demand more tests – as many as it takes to get an answer.

Good luck…

9 months ago

@kelly83 , it is infuriating when our body starts failing, and the medical profession can’t tell us why.

Unfortunately, Doctors, etc., aren’t magicians. They can’t see clearly inside of us and have to work with the results of the tests they have.

The only constructive thing that you can do is to maintain a symptom diary. You can then use this to create a summary, with dates and durations, for when you see the Doctors.

Whilst you wait for appointments, try and rest up when you can, maintain a healthy balanced diet/lifestyle and do your best to avoid stress. We mention that last point again and again as it is so important.

Look after yourself during your stay in Limboland. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. And do let us know how you get on.

9 months ago

Thanks @edmontonalberta and @stumbler. I have been keeping a symptom diary as requested from my neurologist. Sometimes its hard to know what is what. I’m also a regular at a boot camp 3-5 days a week. I do what my body allows! I’m afraid to stop moving

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