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Understanding Vitamins

Hi all I have a quick question regarding vitamins that I hope someone can answer. So a few months ago I started taking vitamin tablets called Redoxon 11 and I definitely could feel a massive difference me especially in terms of energy. These are what it contained:

Typical values Per tablet
Vitamin C 1000mg
Vitamin A 700�g
Vitamin D 10�g
Vitamin E 45mg
Vitamin B6 6.5mg
Vitamin B12 9.6�g
Folic Acid 400�g
Zinc 10mg
Iron 5mg
Copper 0.9mg
Selenium 110�g

Of course my lovely brain suddenly decide to tell me to stop taking them as I read some Vitamins can make your auto immune system worse and these numbers seemed really high so I went on something lower. So my question is would it of been safe to carry on with the tablets I was taking or was I right to come off them?

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1 year ago

@marcyg921 , I think you answered your own question. If these supplements gave you a boost, then why not?

Let your body be the judge. It’ll tell you if it’s not a good idea. 😉

1 year ago

i have been taking vitamins for over 6 years and feel so much better on them.

1 year ago

Dear Marcy,

I live in a rain-sodden part of the U.K., so I take vitamin D tablets (standard from Sainsbury’s). I also take cod-liver oil which contains vitamin D supplement. I had considered filling the cupboards with bottles of vitamin pills. However, I am conscious of “overdosing” on vitamin supplements. what I do is to try and eat as many fruit and vegetables as I can. I try to “eat through the rainbow” – blueberries at breakfast, kiwi fruit and an orange at lunchtime, cherries and raspberries through the day. I eat lot of broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots and spinach too. I buy as much organic produce as I can. I can’t see myself eating too many, mind. I also have decent cereal every morning, which has lots of vitamins. I don’t know if there is a “correct” answer, which of us does? All I can says that eating lots of fruit and vegetables can only help (plus it takes away cravings for biscuits and cake, which can only be a good thing).

All the best to you.

Best wishes,



I think there is a difference between having a strong immune system that can efficiently respond to threats in your body versus one that is unnecessarily over active. If you follow the research at Barts etc, it seems having these memory B cells replicating is part of the issue with MS. If your body undergoes a threat, like the flu, its reasonable to think that your whole immune systems is responding and through a complicated set of biology even the memory B cells you dont want to replicate will increase. Arguably having an immune system that can stop things before they become bigger issues will stop unnecessarily escalation. So two places that house a lot of your immune system are your lungs and gut (basically where things first come in contact with the outside world). Making sure you can stop infections and other infections before you have a fever etc is probably a good thing. My understanding so far is that you want to stop a constant inflammatory condition.

B12, B6 and D are vitamins my wife is taking specifically for MS. Many recommend Zinc and Selenium for MS though she doesnt take that yet. Iron is easy to be tested for and you can decide if you need more or not. Nothing in your list seems at all concerning.

If you feel better, I would think you should continue with confidence you arent making your MS worse. With that said, if you think its making you feel better, try just taking some of the components one at a time. Its likely that either the B6 or B12 are doing it. Or the iron is helping you because your are slightly anemic.

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