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10 months ago

From my understanding it’s supposed to slow disease progression and hopefully minimise relapses. You shouldn’t really be feeling much.

10 months ago

I’ve been on it for 6mos. I don’t feel any difference. I do get a migraine and don’t feel well right after the infusion. I was told i need to drink alot of water to help flush it out .

10 months ago

Hi @hajohnson and welcome.

The primary purpose of all Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) is to reduce the frequency and severity of relapses.

In some situations, when the body stops attacking itself, the brain can set about trying to repair some of the existing damage. But, this secondary benefit is contingent on many factors, e.g. age and neuronal reserve.

10 months ago

Hi @hajohnson

I had infusion number 11 last week. My onset and diagnosis of MS was super quick and I started Tysabri 2 months after it all started.

Therefore, it’s hard to tell what is natural recovery versus the aid of Tysabri. What I do feel, like stumbler said, because my body isn’t fighting itself at the moment, it’s able to heal.

I’ve made huge progress, and many of the symptoms have resolved, with a couple lingering. But I’ve been told that you can still have hope for recovery a long time after.

Finally, what I feel I have noticed most, is that I am able to think clearer for a few years. It seems like the cog fog was in the background pre diagnosis, and that since taking Tysabri, its really improved. I’ve stopped drinking too, so it could be that too, mind!?

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