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trying to get a diagnosis :(

Hi, I have been ill for the last 2 years with some periods of feeling well. It started off with a virus that put me in hospital. I couldnt even stand I was so weak. After this I suffered from balance problems and would feel dizzy a lot of the time. I was diagnosed with vertigo but none of the medication helped. I started to become very fatigued, sometimes exhausted and unable to sit up. I cant remember a day where I havnt had the shakes and my vision is becoming very blurred and i find it hard to focus. I have now been reffered to a neurologist after pleading with my gp. I feel so depressed as im a single mother and am realy struggling. I feel so ill I think im going to collapse. Was just wondering if this sounds like ms symptoms anyone else is experiencing

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3 years ago

@manda87 , I can imagine how frustrating this is for you, especially being a Mother.

Yes, these problems are symptomatic of MS, but the problem is that these symptoms can cover a range of conditions from a simple vitamin deficiency, through food intolerance and beyond.

MS itself is notoriously difficult to diagnose and can be a question of ruling out what it isn’t and moving on from there, eliminating as you go along.

But a Neurologist is a major step in the right direction. It would be wise to make a short list of the issues that you have had, with dates if you are able to recall. This will provide the Neurologist with a good starting point.

They will do some prodding, poking and scratching to see what your reactions are like. They may watch how you walk too.

They will probably ask you to attend an MRI scan of the brain, or brain and spine, to see what’s going on. They may also ask you to attend a Visual Evoked Potentials test, where you have sensors put over your head to check reactions to visual stimulus.

Dependent on the results, they might want to perform a Lumber Puncture on you.

The journey to a diagnosis may take some time, so it’s important that you remain patient and calm whilst these investigations take place.

It’s not your fault that this has happened, so go easy on yourself.

Let us know how it goes and ask any questions that you may have. 😉

3 years ago

Thankyou. Yes im waiting patiently. All other areas have been ruled out now although they did discover aneamia a year ago but iron and B12 has made no difference to my symptoms and they have infact progressively got worse.

3 years ago

@manda87 that sounds like a very frightening time for you. @stumbler has great advice, you’ve made your appointment to see a neurologist so in the meantime you need to try to reduce your stress, because no matter what the condition stress will just amplify it and make you feel worse.Do you have family or friends close by that can come over and give you some rest or just sit with you for a while? if so, you should call them and tell them how you’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you need to put yourself first so you are then able to look after your kids. Hope all goes well, keep us posted.

3 years ago

I do have some good friends who offer to help out. Its a little more difficult with my family. They think I am exaggerating my symptoms. They don’t believe it can be ms even though my gp agrees it could be. I have spent the morning crying to my mother on the phone as im trying to get house work done but my whole body is shaking and my left arm has gone numb and tingling. All I hear is pull yourself together your not dying.

3 years ago

@manda87 , I realise you are as yet undiagnosed, but whatever is troubling you is an obvious problem as “you don’t look ill”!

We can understand that situation. You have to have MS to understand what these symptoms do to you.

Have a look at this post, which shows how to describe symptoms in a way that a normal person may understand :-

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