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travel insurance

Am going on a VERY last minute trip to France, leaving tomorrow morning and don’t have travel insurance…I know that it’s void if you don’t declare your MS so does anyone have any recommendations for suitable cheap travel insurance?Thanks

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7 years ago

I’ve just got insurance from Virgin Travel and my premium only cost me an extra £10 after informing them of my MS diagnosis…I don’t have any mobility problems so can’t say how much it would be if that’s a problem for you, but why not give them a try 🙂

7 years ago

For the last 2 years I have used
Worth having a look as seemed reasonable price. (I have no major problems to advise them of).

7 years ago

I know you’ll have already gone, but I got sainsbury’s insurance – very easy to do on line and to declare MS too, extra payment for whole year was only £16 so very good value! enjoy your holiday! xxx

7 years ago

sorry, just jumping into this thread (hope France was nice tho and you got insurance sorted!). I will have to check these insurers out though. Problem I have is that I hate being ripped off, so have got travel insurance for snowboarding without explicitly saying I have ms as the ones I have seen quote like and extra £50-100!.

I think I need some insurance for November as I am running the new york marathon, but I looked at a specialist insurer and they quoted £120 for a 4 day trip!! Insane.

7 years ago

Thanks all…I went with insurance via the MS society website in the end. It was more expensive than the quotes I had without declaring my MS but on the other hand, at least I knew I was covered. It was £40 to cover both myself (with the MS) and my boyfriend (who doesn’t have MS) for the week. With the undeclared ones, even if the ferry was delayed/ cancelled etc, if I hadn’t declared my MS, it could have been void! Crazy! Definitely think it’s worth taking the time (which I definitely didn’t have lol) to shop around depending on your trips etc. x

7 years ago

Just registered yesterday so missed the chance to pass this on before your holiday – hope you had a great time! I was diagnosed just before my wedding and went with the MS Scoiety for travel insurance for our honeymoon (my husband went on the same insurance so that he would be flown home as well should the need arise) – it was very expensive but at least I was confident that they knew what they were doing. I did some research when I got back and got annual insurance from Karma Insurance who deal with all manner of pre-disclosed conditions for no extra charge (including such things as alzheimers!). I have no mobility issues so that may have made a difference but I think it is definitely worth checking out…as with most insurers they want to know that there has been no significant changes ore relapses withint he last 12 months… I am now covered by my husband’s bank account cover and I believe I paid an extra £10 for the year after declaring my MS.

7 years ago

Hay Melanie,
Firstly, welcome to website:) Thanks for the info about Karma Insurance…think my ins would have been expensive regardless this time at least because since October, I have had 4 serious relapses which have included being unable to walk/ see…hopefully, when it settles down a bit (I’ve been on rebif since july) I will then be able to lower my ins as I will have less significant relapses. Like you, I felt that at least with the MS society one I knew for definite that I was covered. Next time, I’ll just leave myself a little more time to shop around:)x

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