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Toilet issues

I was diagnosed over 2 years ago and at the time this was a big problem, then it got better using the techniques they showed me, however in my new job I’m at the toilet all the time! And have plenty of ‘oops moments’. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m only 30 and feel like I’m 60 today with a really bad spasm in my hip that has caused it to ache and hobble all day!
Thanks in advance. S x

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6 years ago

You sound like me! Oops moments, aches, hobble and all! LoL This has recently become a problem for me. Not sure what to suggest if your usual techniques aren’t working, tricky situation to deal with. Definitely something to talk to your doctor about at least. See if there is anything to be done.

Hope everything gets worked out!

6 years ago

All I know is what my urology lady told me, the most useful thing was to make sure your bladder has as much space as possible, ie.ensure No 2’s are nice and regular. Also not to go to the loo to ‘try’ this gives our muscles mixed signals apparently. Finally making sure you empty completely when you do go, I wasnt which was causing leakage issues, so now I always do my ‘weeble wobble’ dance, so when i think I’ve finished have a good ol’ wiggle about and sure enough there is usually more to come, theres definately no ‘quick wee’ these days can take 10mins or more but worth it as defo less accidents but for confidence I’ve basically got shares in ‘Tena lady’! tut but evidently Asda’s own are just as good and a lot cheaper. to think I only used to be interested in bargain shoes! ha

6 years ago

It’s always wise to get a referral to a Urologist, so that they can check out the “plumbing” for you.
MS can cause urine retention, as intimated above. Self-catheterisation may be an answer (it’s not as bad as you think!)

6 years ago

Not sure which kind of Oops you have. Both are incredibly common! If it’s your bladder, can yourself to your GP to get Vesicare – it’s recommended by NICE and should be readily available but GPs do not tend to prescribe it – but maybe because no-one likes to admit to toilet issues. I am taking Vesicare twice a day and it has taken the anxiety out of checking out toilet locations and ‘no warnng’ signals from downstairs. A freidn of mine with MS has had botox injections in her bladder which says have revolutionalised her life so best to get an expert opinion.

I haven’t found the answer to bowel Oops but try to make sure that I am working onthe principle that plenty of sleep and making sure my stomach doesn’t get cold seems to help and, before an important day, do not try new or unusual foods. If I find the definitive answer, I will definitely share it!

Mel 🙂

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