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Today's the day, fingers crossed

Good mooning to you. You set of complete and utter ledgends. today I wake from me slumber after the best nights sleep Iv had for weeks, only got up in the night once for a pee it’s a bloody miracle (instead of the usual 5-6 times).

Just before I do a impression of a wounded seal getting in me morning bath before work, drumroll I’d just like to share that hopefully today at 2.30 I set off from said workplace to head for le ospital to see if I have MS. Fingers crossed for me please people as I’m starting to get bored of waiting even more So than you lot having to put up with my waffling on and constantly acting like a massive ? end 😉

So As i act like a clown to disguise the fact I’m really doing a nervous poo as we speak (not literally iv done that already satisfied grin but I am still sat on the throne it was a Paul Daniels special that means a magic one that required no Wipes) and disappear into the dark morning on me oss (horse) I’d just like to say no matter what happens il still be smiling. If in the event it’s not MS and is summat else I’d like to say a big thank you to you all for keeping me entertained and me giggling like a girl. if it is or I don’t know later which knowing my luck will be the case il see you all later on. Peace out ✌️

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1 year ago

@doubleo7hud Good luck – let us know the outcome!!

1 year ago

Best of Britiah luck mate
that post was TMI 🙂

1 year ago

Good luck – we’ve all been there (except me – I got my diagnosis by email – happy day!). Take care!

1 year ago

Good luck today…. after 15 years of weird symptoms, when I was finally diagnosed I felt strangely elated…. It meant that I wasn’t just pathetic and lazy, there really was a problem. Of course all the other reactions come in time…anger, sadness etc but stay focused on what you CAN do rather than what you can’t and above all STAY FABULOUS!!! Ego…pride… whatever you want to call it is a great motivator xxx

1 year ago

Keep it real my friend. All the best @doubleo7hud. Keep thee pecker up.

1 year ago

Good luck ??

1 year ago

Tar muchly just hope it is ms or I’m royalty fecked lol see ion chaps

1 year ago


Good luck!! Getting an answer can take a while. Hopefully you will get some answers today! ?✌?

1 year ago

Hi, re the PIP application form , you are allowed to call them to request an ‘ extension’ for more time to complete the form.

2weeks is usually granted without it being a problem .

they may ask why you need more time, or they may not even ask ,and just agree.

And it may be possible to extend a second time also I beleive ( il check for def & update )

Irrespective of you not having ‘ paperwork ‘, or diagnosis presently, do not be worried about this.
you are allowed to send additional info AFTER the form has been sent, call them and they will tell you where to send additional documentation / info to .

It is advisable to photocopy EVERYTHING that you send them .

Also if you feel that you have difficulty completing the form, and need help from someone else , tell them this , because they can note this on your details .

Please don’t hesitate to ask anything your concerned or worried about .

I didn’t have MS diagnosis when I called PIP the 1st time or the 2nd time & I’d only had diagnosis of MS 2 mnths prior to completing the PIP form .

I didn’t fully understand what MS was @ diagnosis ,it took a long time to gain a more complete understanding of the myriad of symptoms we can experience .

when I was given my diagnosis ( jan2015) , I only knew the term MS, multiple sclerosis , but I had no idea WHAT it actually was. they have since told me they beleive I’ve had it for 20yrs now.

the consultant explained MS was the reason why I hadn’t been able to complete another form (ESA form) on time, due to the effects of MS & the relapse state I was experiencing then.
Take your time with the form , try not to rush it & include everything !

1 year ago

Thank you very much @thinkfree taken it all on board I will phone tomorrow and ask for a extension. Did you receive the reminders in the post and by text too I feel as if they are adding to the stress and putting pressure on.

1 year ago

Good luck xx

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