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Todays indignities

Usually I am upbeat and I know I am just at the beginning of my MS journey. I did know a solution this current situation, but I forgot it. So in the morning I am usually brought some toast to help me swallow my tablets and we exchange a kiss, when I am going to the loo, I usually pass where he is dressing and usually I stop for a hug. so for a couple of days I have needed to get to the for a wee as soon as I sit up, so I have said “no kiss and no hug”, that felt awful. So last night I decided to put a large jug in the bedroom to save our landing carpet. This morning, wet legs, so I tried to use the jug, but it wouldn’t fit standing up, I tried to squat and had to hold it as it wouldn’t work on the floor, too far, away. As I squat, one knee gave out, it felt it may still work with on knee, but then I couldn’t wee. I thought, bugger it and made it to the bathroom. I thought, I will need to wear a pad in bed…… Then I remembered this had happened before and I had to just not have anything to drink after 8pm. Tried to clean bathroom floor, oh boy the bit I did was much dirtier than I would have let it get before. Then we do some hoovering together, usually there are a couple of big items I get moved for me, nowerdays there is a lot more help I need. I always got ratty when doing housework, doubly so when I’m on my own, now I am anxious whenever he leaves the room, more so if I don’t know where he is going to be, it uses so many spoons to find him. So he is staying with me much more to move things and then there is a bike behind me where it isn’t usually. I can’t look round too much as my balance will not work that well, but I feel it at my back, I look and of course, fall over. At some point now he leaves the room, he has only gone back to a job I had called him away from but now I am ratty / anxious / angry / humiliated and forgotten why he has left the room and where he will be. Then I realise my sight has gone fuzzy, from my left eye, Consultant had said for me to watch out for if it happened more when I had exerted myself. Mornings / housework, don’t ya just love it. Actually it all felt better knowing I was going to tell you. Jx

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4 years ago

@judy-gy , it’s always a good way to get it off your chest, by writing it all down. It allows you to get over it and move on.

And, you’ve learnt a bit more about yourself. Life is one big lesson. 😉

4 years ago

Oh Judy It sounds like you are having a bad time of it at the moment. I really hope you are okay after your fall and as for late night/early morning toilet visits can you ask your MS nurse to refer you to an Incontinence nurse, maybe they can help you with having more strength with holding it until you reach the loo. I will be given a device by my incontinence nurse next time I see her to help strengthen my pelvic floor as it isn’t as strong as it should/could be and then with my MS causing my brain to miss read signals from my bladder I really need a bit of intervention. Good luck with yours and as for house work…. sod it.. My daughter saw a good trick for when you are having an off day, which was to buy some get well soon cards and put them on the mantel piece and then any judgemental visitors will think you have been poorly and unable to do the housework (and just save them and use them again for anytime that the housework is too much) 😀

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