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To the shift team

Liking the ‘beta’ of your site, only thing I’d say is that this current ‘post it’ section seems a bit limited in options, ie you can’t edit your own posts after submitting or ‘quote reply’ to a specific post to include what that person said in the reply (unless you copy and paste I guess).

Just curious as to if you’ll be updating the board really to something more ‘forum standard’ like a phpBB3 version. Not that i’m complaining, heck we already have enough to complain of in ourselves lol!

To those wondering what the heck ‘phpBB3’ is, check it out on wiki perhaps :-

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6 years ago

Having enough issues with clients who don’t want to pay to upgrade from PHPBB2 at work! Am sure you used to be able to edit posts in one of the updated versions of the Post, but I could be dreaming

6 years ago

Aah costs yeh ^^, I can see the conundrum.

Though with that in mind, I run a site that I created a few years back via the freewebs web design franchise that I use for an mmorpg game I play.
The forum board that came with the free package (yup it cost me zilch!) is very good and has all the moderator options for editing, so there are ways around the costing prob.
I just googled ‘Free BB3 boards’ too and plenty of hits there.
But yeh, whether it could be incorporated into the current design of this site for free I’m not so sure on the logistics.

6 years ago

Just to chip in here…

It does appear that you can edit posts for a short period after you’ve submitted them, but only in this public forum (which is more than you can say for But not on private messages yet for some reason.

My guess is that a decision was made some time ago to go bespoke with the code for this site, and that integrating a third party application is probably more effort than it’s worth.

For what it’s worth, I think you (devs) are doing a great job. I could put together a list of bug fixes/ UI improvements if you want them, but I won’t be hurt or surprised if you nicely tell me to FOFF 🙂


6 years ago

I agree, they are doing a great job and the site is really cool.

I guess me being so used used to regular forums and BBcode (I’ve moderated on a few graphic design sites) prompted me to ask them about this.

I’ll shut up now xD

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