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Hey guys, I was diagnosed with rrms about 4 weeks ago now. I have started 20mg copaxone. I work full time at a fairly physical job. I’m so tired most afternoons… is that normal for ms? It’s like all of a sudden I hit a wall and I have nothing left. I cant even think straight. Just thought I’d see if anyone else experiences the same thing.

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4 days ago

Fatigue is very normal in MS i certainly suffer from it, i work with 2 children. Do your work know so they can do an assmement??

Thank you so much for your reply! Yes my work does know. I actually talked to my boss today. I’ll just do the best I can do. I also have 2 kids at home and I know how tiring that is too. How old are yours?

Compaxone sucks have me anxiety times 100

Really? Thats a horrable feeling!! My anxiety seems ok. What are you taking now? I was scared to take any of the other options because of their side effects.

4 days ago

Has Access to Work been mentioned ? ( They will come & do a workplace assessment.

I found this made a big difference to me. Also had a fabulous occupational nurse & doctor at work who were so supportive & knowledgeable. Without them not sure I would have been able to stay in work.

Fatigue is a common symptom & one not widely understood by others – have you had the ‘I’m tired too’ response yet ? It is not tiredness so can’t be pushed through or made better by getting more sleep. I explain it as being like a flooded engine the more you try to clear it the more it becomes flooded. You need to stop & allow yourself to recharge. Access to Work can help with suggestions on how this could be achieved with adjustments at work. Also there are Fatigue Management courses run by Occupational Psychologists. I went to one through my MS team at Queen’s Square.

Thanks so much for the tips loulou! I did talk to my work and they said that they will help me out whenever I may need it. I will look into fatigue management too thanks for that! I find my mornings are good but by the afternoon I’m exhausted.
Yes lol I have gotten the “I’m tired too” comments or it must just be the weather…but it’s more then tired I really like the way you describe it.

3 days ago

Hi, there! As it has been mentioned, fatigue is very common symptom and usually misunderstood by others. Check out the fatigue management and just keep smiling! You will find a way to deal with it that works for you. There are so many challenges with this crazy disease, but a positive outlook can be a huge plus.

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I do try to be positive most of the time. Sometimes I get in a funk and I need to change my perspective. I will definatly look in fatigue management πŸ™‚ how are you doing?

3 days ago

Hi I suffer in the same way with rrms – I feel fine in the mornings, good mobility, work full time as a PA. I find I hit my wall around 3 in the afternoon, everything slows up, pins and needles / cramping worsens in hands / wrists so typing speed slows up, cognition poor, multi-tasking out the window and walking pace goes to snails pace. I get concrete feet and end up with a bit of a limp by the end of the day – some days better than others but clutch control can at times be a nightmare. I spoke with my work and they have so far been supportive. I need to keep my hours up as much as I can to maintain finances but have decided after a few months of this that finishing an hour or two earlier would probably be best at the current stage so I’ve put in a formal request. I hope you get the support you need at work and also your MS Nurse could write a letter to your employer if things get tricky to support your case.

It’s so frustrating! It’s such a hard thing because it does effect you everyday . I would work overtime or clean houses on the side too along with my 8 hours a day but my body won’t let me πŸ™ I understand what you are saying about finances. It’s hard. I’m glad that your work is supportive so far. I hope that continues! I hope that cutting your days a bit shorter will help you. At the end of the day no one is going to help you but you. You have to make the choices that you know are right for you! Please keep me posted on how that goes! Oh ya thanks for that I didnt even think of the ms nurse writing me a note! I’ll keep that in mind.

3 days ago

Hi @amber_steele_jack. As you are newly diagnosed, there is a chance you are still recovering from the relapse that led up to it. So, you need to focus on recovery properly by not pushing too hard. It is human nature to want to prove that you can still do things, but rest and all things in moderation are best for now. If your workplace is a company, they could arrange for an Occupational Health Assessment which will helps no end. You may be a newbie, but you’re bang on about having to be your own advocate! All the best, stay well x

Oh ya I never thought of that! Ya it really is human nature. I feel like I’m always having to prove things. I’m days of trying to push though and then I have days of feeling down saying I dont even care right now. I hate those days. I do work for a company and they have said they would accommodate however I need it. That really takes the pressure off! Thanks for that I’m trying to get my head wrapped around this crazy disease. I have to say the encouragement and kind works for this community is really helping me alot! Thank you πŸ™‚ all the best to you too πŸ™‚ I hope you are staying well

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