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Tips for reading?!

Hi everyone,

Not posted on here for a while, but looking for any bits of advice or tips that any of you may have…

I’ve always loved reading and used to get totally hooked into a book to the point that I would read it solidly for days! But now and in the last couple of years, I just can’t seem to focus long enough to get past the first chapter of any books! I don’t have any issues with understanding the words or seeing them or anything like that… I just find that no matter how much I try I can’t seem to absorb the text very well and end up re-reading the same paragraph over and over to make it stick! Either that or I just fall asleep after a few pages!

I’m studying a Masters degree at the minute and don’t have any trouble reading my course material, as it is mostly just short articles etc, rather than huge textbooks.

Not sure if it’s an MS thing or perhaps just stress related lack of concentration…
Anyone else experience similar and have any handy tricks to get around it?!

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12 months ago


It’s probably not ms related if you are able to focus on your uni work. If it was you’d probably be struggling with that too
I think it can be anxiety related to not be able to focus. I find that can come from not knowing or being able to relax because of stress and anxiety
What do you do to try and relax ?

12 months ago

Hi @srh90

I have also experienced this problem. I have a huge love of books…it’s a great form of escapism. But I too have struggled to concentrate on what I am reading. I was finding that I’d reach the bottom of the page and have absolutely no idea of what I had read. It sounds really odd but I have discovered that if I listen to classical music (which isn’t my usual choice of music) very quietly in the background it seems to help me to focus a little better. For me, it has to be something that I am unable to sing along to. I think that it stops my mind from wandering. As @rachaellouise said, perhaps it is related to stress and/or anxiety.
I hope you find something that helps
Cat x

12 months ago

@srh90 I have trouble reading if I’m not interested in the material! I just read an amazing book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. Being able to concentrate on uni material for a reason and not having a reason to read for fun, having good material will always help.

11 months ago

I have the same problem I read a lot but if you asked me what it’s about I haven’t got a clue and I read the same book twice and wouldn’t remember until I’m half way through the second time now once I have read it once I throw it out so I don’t read it again lol

11 months ago

Hi S RH90 have you tried talking books? Get a lot from the library called playawayd cos they are very small and light, only need an AAA battery, library will order any that are available. Worth a try?😍

11 months ago

I experience the inability to concentrate and focus on something I’m reading/watching. It’s not boredom that sets in it’s that I become agitated for some reason and have a million and one thoughts racing through my mind all at once.

Audio Books are pretty good but I do find that they can make me sleepy, so splitting it up into shorter doses of 30 mins or so helps.

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