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1 year ago


Sleep, sleep & more sleep. It can be broken down to a full night plus catnaps during the day – but other than drugs (which I would not recommend), I have no ideas…

1 year ago

Thanks for commenting @edmontonalberta but in my case that’s not an option as I work full time and have an active 3 year old 🙁

1 year ago

Try gentle exercise, I know it sounds crazy when you feel tired but it actually helps. Even if it’s getting out for some freshair, I sleep better when I’ve done some exercise 😊.
Your little one will run off some energy too, I have a very active 5 and 10 year old that love to have a good run around 😊.

1 year ago

@tesh , fatigue is now a fact of life for MSers. There is little we can do about this, apart from manage it as best we can.

Have a read here for some ideas :-

1 year ago

Hi @tesh

I’ve given this answer several times recently, but I’ve been following the OMS diet religiously for 6 weeks and it’s turned me from a knackered old man who sleeps ebery afternoon to a fully functioning human again. It’s very difficult to overstate the improvement. I’d give it a go if I were you, but I think it only really works if you truly commit. I tried several watered down versions to make it more convenient for my family, but they made very little difference.

Best of luck!

1 year ago

If you can take a power nap on a break at work this will energize you, it is unbelievable. Your nap should be at least 5 minutes to 30 minutes long. Any longer you will be groggy and grumpy. I am always amazed the difference a 5 minute nap will make. Potter

1 year ago

@tesh as suggested above, rest, rest, rest. I also have a 3 year old (who is not sleeping and sick half the time) and was only working part time but struggled for more than a year then I went to my GP and got signed off for a couple of months. A month without working and I am a new person, I should have done it sooner but i don’t usually ask for sick leave. Unfortunately i really had let myself fall below functioning level re fatigue and no matter how many breaks i tried to take, i just couldn’t get back on my feet.

You’ve been recently diagnosed, it takes a lot to adjust, physically, mentally. Are you on treatment yet? I also follow the OMS program: meditation, low saturated fat diet, exercise, vitamins, and i’ve had treatment.

Look after yourself xxx

1 year ago

I feel for you have a bubs that’s sick and not sleeping that would be hard for sure I’m lucky my boy is a good sleeper,Yea I do agree with you it does take a lot the adjust and coming to terms with it all, I will defently look into this OMS programme I have started do some meditation and looking into yoga aswell, will be on treatment soon hopefully, thank you for commenting every1 so friendly and welcoming x

1 year ago

I have taken amantadine for many years it doesn’t work for all , but i personally don’t feel washed out. Although im not so active these days.

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