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1 year ago

@anxious123 Prior to starting Tecfidera I planned a week holiday off work as I didn’t know what to expect and would prefer to be at home. Also I arranged with work to do a regular shift pattern at work once I returned to help me adjust until I knew how things were going to turn out. Luckily for me apart from flushing and the occasional stomach cramp, my body accepted the dmd and now im two years in with no issues and more importantly no relapses. Good luck!

1 year ago

I have been on Tec for 4 years now, I did have some stomach issues at the beginning. It was new on the market and there wasn’t any tips out there on how to take it. If you have a long weekend end you might take it, some people react badly to it. Take a good daily probiotic, you could start it now. I would take my Tec in the middle of my meal, if I was going to have a spicy meal I would take a acid reducer first. For some reasons if I ate beans of any kind I would get diarrhea, I have slowly worked them back into my diet. Some people get flushing of the skin a aspirin taken first helps with that. I haven’t had any relapses and no stomach issues since the first month. I did Rebif shots for 5 years and always felt like I was getting over the flu. I love my Tec no side effects once your body is use to it, worth the trouble. Potter

1 year ago

I’m currently starting my fourth week on it and if I had had the option I would have taken the first week off so I could have given myself time being on it, without the stress of work. I didn’t want to use up my holiday on feeling poorly tho. I get regular heat rashes and flushing on most of my body, but luckily not too many stomach issues.

1 year ago

Maybe working from home will be an option

I had posted some comments on an older thread on this topic as well:


1 year ago

Hi, I waited until the Easter holidays when I had a clear diary. Luckily I was one of the fortunate ones who’ve had zero symptoms! 2 hours after each tablet I suddenly feel temporarily hot but that’s it. Since day one though I’ve stuck rigidly to timings (10 am and 8 pm). The morning slot is a big bowl of muesli with full fat milk. So far, so good and I’m in Wk 7….

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