4 years ago
Throat Spasms

Hope everyone is well?
Recently, I have been experiencing what I think are spasms in my throat. I get a sudden urge to cough which is followed by coughing, choking and lots of swallowing. It does pass after about 5 mins but is quite frightening at the time. I looked it up on the internet and the ms trust said it is a symptom of ms.
Can I ask, has anyone else had this? Did anything help you with it?
Thank you,

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i get it sometimes when i’m taking a drink and have caused a panic in the house because it sounds like i’m choking to death….was told by the ms nurse it is ms related.

This happens to me often when I am just begining to eat. I feel like I am choking, then I cough uncontrollably, my eyes water, and my nose runs all as I’m still coughing. It only last about 2-3 minutes, but it can be very unnerving…

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