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Coming from the UK with it’s ‘communist’ and ‘nazi’ (think those were actually words used by Republicans at some point) free medical healthcare (NHS!), it’s always amazed me that this was such a political hot potato. Your blog was brilliant and I can’t understand why any decent American could think Obamacare is, intrinsically, a bad thing….. maybe there’s still hope 🙂


Oh I completely agree with you DJ! I’m in america and I am definitely one of those people who think the free medical health care in the UK and Europe is brilliant. How america does it is completely stupid in my opinion. But then again….everything is a struggle here. Its utterly ridiculous!

Cadee…its a wonderful blog! Very nice


I dont agree with all of it. But the one thing about it that I am excited about….I will actually be able to get insurance when I turn 26. Without obamacare, when I turn 26 – with a preexisting condition I wouldn’t be able to get or afford the medical care I need. WITH insurance as it stands now…my parents had to fork out (after insurance) nearly 20 grand out of pocket…and that only covered a few visits, an MRI, a couple of ultrasounds, some blood work, and an ER visit. All of that cost nearly 20 grand after insurance (and the insurance we have is some of the REALLY REALLY good insurance that you can get)

I definitely don’t believe all of it is right or good. But I do believe some of the policies will really help people with chronic illnesses and issues with money and insurance.

@Chels am happy that you can get the care you need at an affordable price 🙂

@Chels, I want you and me to be able to afford health care. I don’t know what insurance company your parents use but if they have to pay over 20k for a trip to the ER, an MRI and a few tests, that is not good insurance. I just had 8 MRI’s done, 4 trips to the ER, 1 week of Solumedrol infusions, 4 visits to my neurologist, and 2 visits to my GP for heavy metal toxicity level check, blood work for food allergies, and Lyme disease testing and I am out about $3,500 out of pocket. I also take Copaxone which is an extremely expensive drug that costs me $50 a month for my insurance copay, and I don’t have the best insurance available. Obamacare sounds good when your sick and scared about your future, but I am also concerned about our future as a country and as someone who has been working and paying taxes for 22 years now, I am also worried that our government who has a horrible track record of spending the American tax payers money, will be in far worse shape by the time I can retire, Social security is in the hole now and probably won’t be available to you or me. This current bill will tax or fine people who currently can’t afford health insurance,If they can’t afford it now how will they afford it when they are forced to pay for it, that doesn’t make sense. I do agree with you that there are some good and bad parts of this bill, but the big picture is grim. I care about all of my fellow MSers, I really want all of us to get the help we need. Please don’t take my comment as me not wanting you to be able to afford health insurance or anything negative towards you personally, I am also worried about what will happen to me if I can no longer afford health insurance, “free” health care is not free at all. And while the UK has a pretty good health care system in place, they also pay $10 for a gallon of gasoline, consumer prices are over 20% higher, rent or purchasing a home is 125% more expensive and everything else comes at a higher cost as well, so “free” health care is not free at all. I want to be able to afford health insurance, but that doesn’t do me any good if I can’t afford to live either. God bless all of us with chronic illness and lets get a plan in place to help Americans to be able to afford health insurance, but the current plan is not the answer. I am not a republican but I am an American and taxing the poor is not the answer to this problem.

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