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Thought I'd say Hi

Just found the site after being diagnosed with MS last week. Starting to get over the shock, and if I’m honest, I’m kind of relieved that I can give a name to my condition.

Symptos at the moment revolve around walking (spasticity, tremor, ataxia etc. Just finished a course of steroids and waiting to see what happens.

Im 38, married with 2 kids and living in Northern Ireland.

The site looks really good. I hope to speak with some of you in the future.

Bye for now


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6 years ago

Welcome! I’m glad you found the site! I was dx in February and I’m so glad I finally found my way to, I searched all over for a positive yet realistic site back in Feb. Everyone on here has been such a great support. My symptoms have included: vertigo, dbl vision, black spots in vision, loss of balance, spasticity, temp. loss of hearing in my left ear, MS hug, and now the infamous “tingling” (although I’ve found it’s less of a tingle and more of like being hooked up to a hot electrical socket!)

6 years ago

Welcome Dave, this is a great site for support and seeing how we all deal with MS in all stages of the disease. My original diagnosis was shocking to me but also kind of a relief to know what it actually was causing my symptoms. The steroids usually help you get over an episode quicker. Mine started off with all of your symptoms and pain, tingling, partial paralysis of my left side, and a list of other symptoms. I did eventually recover but I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the steroids with my first attack, I was misdiagnosed for about 5 months and by then my attack was over. Some symptoms linger while others go away relatively quickly. Almost all of my original symptoms went away. I’m in a relapse now with all new symptoms of blurred vision, speech problems, dizziness and cognitive issues. Some have mostly resolved, some still pestering. If you ever need to talk or have personal questions message me. I will help any way I can, as most people on this site would. Feel better, and have patience.

6 years ago

Hi Dave, just wanted to say I’m really happy that you’ve found this site,as the people on here are just great. I had an episode of optic neuritis in 2001 that left me with practically no sight in one eye, and then had no further symptoms until 2006 when I was diagnosed with ms. The diagnosis might take a while to sink in but this site is a brilliant way to remember that you’re not alone! Take care, D x

6 years ago

Hey Dave welcome to we are all here for each other and there so much support for you too. I was diagnosed in May 2012 and it hadnt hit me until i got a blue badge for parking. Everyone deals with DX in different ways 🙂 if you anything just medsage or send a post

Good luck Dave

6 years ago

You’ll get your prescription for PMA here. If you don’t know what that is, just ask.

6 years ago

Hi Dave and welcome to shift 🙂

Glad you found the site as it’s a great place to come and vent and share about ms and generally socialize.

6 years ago

Welcome onboard Dave!

6 years ago

Welcome Dave!! =)

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