4 years ago
This is how my day is going

I was just told “If you had the flu, you would feel much worse than you do”
I had a few reactions to this:
A. How do you know just how bad I feel?
B. I got a flu shot so I’m not really thinking it’s the flu
C. I will go ahead and stay at work and contaminate the entire office

I’m pretty sure it is just a cold but I feel terrible all the same. I can’t even go home and rest because I get calls there concerning the office…

Thanks for letting to me vent

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@bamelia, just take care of yourself now.

Isn’t it wonderful how people a) know how you’re feeling and b) know what you should do to feel better. Well, you’ve had ‘permission’ to contaminate everyone else, so go ahead!

Hope you so feel better. xx

I’ve been reading the this years flu shot is moderately effective. I keep meaning to get mine just for added protection but now there is a temporary shortage at the pharmacies and doctors here. :S

It’s amazing when people and / or doctors tell us how we should feel or that how we are feeling both physcially and mentally is not correct in the moment. Hope you feel better soon!

This is the first time I have had a flu shot. My Dr scared me when I went in for my last visit. He said if I got the flu on a DMM it would take me a month to get better.
@stumbler thanks I will try 🙂
@cameron I really wouldn’t wish this cold on my enemy, but if they insist on having me here…
@cwpeace4 thanks

Update, all I did was succeed in contaminating myself. Got another round of this stupid cold which turned into a sinus infection over the weekend. uggh
I’m feeling better now…just in time to get back to work haha

Life’s like that sometimes, just be glad you’ve got shot of the cold.
Let’s hope you don’t get another one.

There’s a VERY vicious Bstard of a cold going round at the moment. Both myself and RD had it (actually I think I gave it to her) Flu jab didn’t make much difference.. REALLY MUST get round to buying pharmaceutical shares 🙂

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