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This is a little scary!!

Typed my username into a search engine and it brought up EVERY comment and thread I have posted on here!! I guess either I won’t write on this site anymore. As I feel that is invading my privacy on some private subjects!!! Is someone knowledgable with “website design” to tell the makers of this site how to add a level of privacy and security?

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Well @gpeps is the go-to guy for that. That is actually a little disconcerting. Perhaps it’s because the website is based on WordPress?

It’s pretty much normal, just the way the internet works.

For instance if you google other user names you use online, facebook for instance, you will see similar information based on your usage. It’s just a collation thing that search engines do. I think sites can add levels of privacy though i’m guessing this costs the owners to add on unless they are coders and can do it themselves.

Anything we post on any Internet site is open for the world to see. So we do need to be carefully to some extent as to what we say

Yup, any site that is registered under a domain name is basically open to the public domain. If you make a site with a free application like freewebs though and don’t register it then it doesn’t come under public domain. The other option is to have a domain site that is encrypted, ie something like SSL (secure socket layer) or similar:- http://www.techterms.com/definition/ssl

Hi, thanks for the tip off @artisus!

@hairstylst73 – I’m sorry you were shocked by that. As @f3ng5hu1 says, this is down to how the internet works. Let me chat to our developers about how we can stop confidential info filtering online.

We are a tiny charity, with limited funds, but I appreciate this is important. Please bear with us!

I’d be surprised if this issue wasn’t the same on other patient support groups…

I’ll report back once I have news. Thanks

Hi guys, please also remember that you’re posting on a public website that anyone can go on (it’s just very unlikely that they will unless they are affected by MS in some way).

Your settings remain confidential (ie NO ONE can see your email address, nor can they private message you unless they’re friends with you.)

We’ve created the username thing so that you don’t have to reveal your real name. Another option is to change your profile pic to a cartoon or something abstract – that way you won’t be identified if that’s something that worries you.

I know certain stuff comes up. But yes it shows my Facebook. Etc. but you can’t access anything from it because I have it set to private. This opens the WHOLE thread of any comment I wrote and also shows everyone else’s. Yes, nothing is private anymore which is more than a little frightening! That just by my username you can find out anything on me! And my cousin just actually went to jail (long story) but here’s the just- they used a post she made on Facebook as evidence. So in my opinion certain chats we have had here especially the most recent one about the “spouses and ignoring” could be used against them at divorce proceedings! Sad, but true! There was a study recently that over 50% don’t get hired for a job because the employer checks their Facebook! Legal? NO but it’s happening. So if anything there needs to be a “delete” comment button.

And seeing as I have MS my username is the same for almost everything so I don’t forget by having a million different log ins. Hahaha. So if I change my name here I might forget what it is and not be able to log in!! Hahahaha so geeee I wonder how many people are putting in my username right now?? LOL

Try not to worry @hairstylst73 – it’s not the most common Google search term I’ve ever heard of 😉

Maybe if you’re worried you could change your profile pic, so that you can’t be identified? Let me know if you need any help with that.

It’s true that a lot of sites make a policy that people HAVE TO be users themselves to be able to view posts and/or view certain forums online.

For instance, I am registered with GFXresource and if you navigate to the site you will see the homepage http://GFXresource.com

But….. If you navigate to one of their subforums you WON’T be able to view anything UNLESS your registered and log in yourself first:- http://www.gfxresource.com/index.php?s=607542e6be5806ddb38d80c60c6fd357&showforum=136

The above just being an example. Other Forums where I am a member though, the site is open source, open to anybody, the only exception being if they want to make a post themselves THEN they would need to register. I play an online rpg game which has a forum, this is very much an example of this type of site:- http://forum.fallensword.com

I’m not spamming by the way lol, just demonstrating two distinctly different types of sites and the security/openess involved.

That said, anything I post on GFXresource can still be googled as a HIT, but when somebody goes to access it (click on the link) then if they are not a member of the site they won’t be able to view the post.

Shift is currently an open source site, so if I for example, email my family a link to a post on here to show them something, they can then open it and view it without first needing to register with the site first.

It’s debatable whether making the site ‘more secure’ is a better option given that someone only has to register to be able to view anyways.

Just to update, I’ve contacted our developer and I’ll keep you updated with our options.

Important to note that our budget is a little different to Facebook!

As Beki says, please don’t worry too much, Shift.ms is not on many peoples radar…yet

Private messages sent on here cannot be googled though (I just checked this myself) so that should put your mind at ease a bit.

Thanks everyone. Just took a trip down memory lane readin my old blogs. LOL. @beki maybe add a mobile site way? I am mainly on my phone. Had to get on my really really slow computer to upload a pic as it wouldn’t let me from my phone. It says “browse pictures”when I click on my picture but doesn’t let me “browse” my photos. I can from my computer, but because my computer is slower than molasses I rarely use it. And I am computer stupid so I don’t know how hard it is or how it works to make this site work using mobile. But thanks also to @gpeps for researching. :-). Can’t tell if me inputting your name like that from mobile directs this post to you like it would from the computer. Smart phones are almost smarter than me 🙂

Thanks @hairstylst73 – another one for our developers!

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