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The Not Knowing…

Hiya guys, my neurologist consultant thinks I’ve ms, ive had the scans and I’m now waiting to get a lumbar punch. I’ve to get steroid injections to try help with my legs. I’m in shock, scared.. Knew something was wrong.. Hope I’m not babbling away here X

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3 years ago

You’re right, @magsmc , you are in shock. It’s hardly surprising.

It’s been suggested that you have an enemy in your life and you just don’t quite understand the impact.

A couple of facts. MS won’t kill you, so it’s not terminal. And, secondly, medical science has provided several means by which you can effectively manage the condition.

But, now, give yourself time to allow this potential diagnosis to sink in. Do some research to find out what MS will mean to you. There’s a good range of publications for the newly diagnosed from the MS Trust :- .

Avoid consulting Doctor Google as you will find various horror stories which are totally out of context. Use creditable websites, e.g. the MS Trust, the MS Society, etc.

So, sit down, take a deep breath and take your time. Have a look around this site and see what’s being discussed and feel free to pose any questions you may have. 😉

3 years ago

Thank you, really appreciate your message.
I’m def staying away from Google! Just have to stay positive and take each day as it comes 🙂

3 years ago

totally agree
stay away from internet-stay positive,live for today!
I was diagnosed in 2009 and since starting MS groups I have made so many new friends and my life is so different from what I had expected it to be but I accept that I have MS,it does not have me and I have a full,happy,wonderful life as I met my soul mate last year and it proves there is life after diagnosis!
stay positive and good luck

3 years ago

@magsmc I think the hardest thing is being stuck in between knowing and not knowing, but try to relax and have someone there with you for the lumbar puncture when it happens to keep you smiling.

And also agree with the above about doctor Google. There’s no filter for context there and people tend to let their own emotions cloud their opinions and posts, a lot of it is subjective. This condition affects everyone in so many ways from what I’ve seen so what happens to one person may well not happen to you.

Good luck with the tests, I hope this is a quick process and they get you out of limbo soon.

3 years ago

Hello there, I’ve been diagnosed for 11 years and (IMO) the problems and difficulties MS can put your way are not nearly as awful as being in limbo, as you are. I remember it well. After a diagnosis, you start getting control back and life picks up. Truly!!

3 years ago

Thanks everyone, my consultant thinks this might have started back in 2009 when I had vertigo, but it’s been mild upto now. I just can’t wait to get the treatment n feel a bit like myself again, keep going 🙂

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