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The mental charge

This a (bit lengthly) cartoon that applies to the majority of mums. However I think the mental charge applies to MS too. My partner is one of those amazing one that does so much with housework and childcare, but I have 2 more very attention seeking members: my left leg and my left arm, which I am constantly thinking about and it’s very draining. I’m only starting to realise how much the physical symptoms, mixed with a lack of cardio activity, trigger some of the fatigue.

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12 months ago

Wow, that really resonated. Brilliant! Although our kids are grownup the role aspect is still the same. If we ask…. we are seen as demanding or nagging. A thin line to tread!
My partner does his best, I know he does, BUT the bit about asking for the baby’s bottle to be taken out of the dishwasher and it’s then left on the worktop with the remainder left IN the dishwasher is soooo true. Like you I have an attention seeking left leg, arm is ok for now so I’m in a wheelchair a lot. Also I’m lucky enough to have help in the house but the table is still constantly covered with ‘stuff’ as are all the work tops and everywhere else. It’s like the Forth Bridge – I put things away and turn around and there they are again!!! Cardio is another thing – we used to walk 3 miles every morning – now I’m happy if I can fit in 20 mins on the exercise bike a friend gave me. Or a 5 minute walk up and down the kitchen with my walker. Ah well, it could be worse.
My daughter opted out of a relationship and has a great life with all her ‘gay men’. They spoil her and help all they can with any problems…’s an option xx

11 months ago

I thought this was reet up me street thinking it said “mental age” stupid fecking terminator eye. I do feel like parading through the streets in nothing but a g-string with a women’s rights banner with me hair dyed a funny colour tho now And voting for the green party 😂 thanks for the giggles

11 months ago

Ps only made it through quarter of the cartoon as my attention span is that of a masturbating monkey soz and meh!

11 months ago

Pps cardio wise run up and down the stairs or crawl if your like me it costs nowt 😂

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