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The Lancet , which ?

Hi everyone ,

Just wondering what publications publish the latest medical research and trials?

Is the lancet a good publication and are any of you signed up to it in order to view the articles ?
Just had a look and it won’t let me fully read the articles .Thanks

Rachael xx

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1 year ago

@rachaellouise , the following website details all the ongoing trials. just search for “multiple sclerosis”

This site might prove useful :-

Multiple Sclerosis News on Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

there’s a free newsletter that you can sign up for. It’s about 1/4 of the way down on the right.

There’s also the Barts MS Blog:-

1 year ago


That hasn’t posted well!.

The 2nd site has a subscription for a newsletter a 1/4 of the way down the page on the right.

And, the last site is the Barts MS Blog.

1 year ago

Lancet & NEJM are the big general topic high profile medical journals. The Barts site is filled with commentary on all important MS papers and topics, mostly from neurology journals, very informative.

Yes lancet, nejm and I would add jama to that. I have subscriptions to them and skim through them regularly. What are you interested in? MS or something broader. I actually like looking and seeing if there are connections to MS in unrelated fields. Diabetes for instance is another autoimmune disease and it’s interesting to see what diet and other activities work for that and compare those to MS. Let me know if there is a particular article you are interested in.

1 year ago

NEJM is the New England Journal of Medicine (

1 year ago

I can recommend Science Open for a collection of articles: The way publication works does not mean a good journal always publishes good research…unfortunately

If you use google scholar to look for topics like MS + I recommend installing unpaywall – this is a browser plug-in that finds open access (free) versions of research papers so you should be able to access a lot more than without this plug-in I also started a folder to share papers that are paywalled (you have to pay for access to read them) here:

1 year ago

Only open-access papers can be read fully. Elsevier has ton of articles like this. If you find something interesting that’s not open-access copy the link or the doi number to researchers use this site a lot. 😉

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