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The Good Debate

….Things I’ve learnt since having Magic and Sparkle…
(MS, not a sparkle account at MnS)

– I make the best friend ever! Non judgemental, understanding, patient, compassionate. I suspect I was a bit of a shallow, selfish bitch before M n S
– The circle of life is a vicious one – everyone has their crosses to bear. It’s not all about us.
– Beauty really is skin deep. To glimpse someone’s soul is radical, profound intimacy – that’s only ever occurred since being afflicted
– Sometimes the easier path is surrender. Fighting uses up too much energy and why resist what we have done everything in our power to change?
– And Fear is the antithesis of a calm immune system.
– I learnt that letting nature take its course, has given me decades of an amazing life, only a smattering of sickness, all things considered. (Ignorance really is bliss in some circumstances, it’s been much better than I was lead to believe )
– I learnt that leaving MS alone, is not that bad. Chemo is to save your life and kill cancer and give you a fighting chance of surviving, MS is not a fatal or unbearable illness that kills you painfully.
– Having MS is like a crash course in cbt and mindfulness. And it’s free!
– Necessity is the mother of invention. There are ways round most obstacles, (but death and taxes obs)
– The state/ the government/the charities/ medics /doctors/pharma’s – they don’t really give a hoot about us, it’s every man for themselves and we have to be our own bestie in all areas.
– You develop a far greater capacity for joy, appreciation and awe – it really is the little things that makes life sparkle
– A kind word goes a long, long way
– There’s worse things than being alone – being misunderstood and treated badly, teaches you the discernment of Sherlock. Also handy.
– We are, and everyone around; us are only human. Give them and yourself a break
– Ted talks about positivity/mindset depression/motivation/inspiration etc really do calm the most troubled mind. Ave a word with yourself or get tv talk tv to do it
– It’s so much easier to sink than swim. But swimming is so much more admirable and brave and elegant , than losing your sh!t and expecting someone else to bail you out.. only you can do that
– Be grateful for every crummy bonus and never dwell on the losses This makes you a generally all round happier person, and happiness is infectious.
– People who have walked the line, live, love and laugh more. Way more.
– You learn the hard way, but u learn.

….I could go on (really?!) now I think of it…but over to you….

What wise and wonderful things are you grateful for learning in the school of M n S…?

Love and light to all ✨🧜‍♀️💕🍀☮️🌈✨

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8 months ago

@mermaidia11, this is the most lovely thing to read on a Wednesday afternoon! And to rename MS in this way is a great suggestion! To yours, I would add the importance of the moment. Not in a sappy, new age way, but to cherish those lovely moments – and you can always find some – of the day you are in. Last week, a special friend of mine died of a huge stroke aged 51. Yes, MS is a burden. But my friends kids would probably give anything on earth to have their mum present with a condition like MS, rather than to lose her suddenly with no warning. So yes, we can all re- evaluate our lives and learn to count our blessings. Wishing you oodles of magic and sparkle ( the nice kind!) xx

8 months ago

I love that post about positivity and focusing upon the little things. My brother died aged 28 (21 years ago) in a tragic accident (I was 26) and this has always focused my mind upon the fragile nature of life and its blessings even when we’re feeling rubbish physically and mentally. Very uplifting post there thank you!

8 months ago

@vixen well I was feeling so rubbish that I thought I’d distract with some positive things about the ole MS.
I’m glad it gave you a lift chick. You are always so kind and helpful, supportive and brave. It’s hard isn’t it, but not impossible.except when dear friends transition to the next life. I’m so sorry about your friend. A darling friend of mine died after a very brave fight a few days shy of her 40th, it was such a tragedy. But like I say, the circle of life can be viscous.

Yes living in the moment is the cornerstone of mindfulness, be mindful and present in the moment you are in. It’s not new age happy, clappy bowlocks, it a necessary coping mechanism, which I learnt, the hard way. How I wish it have been in a room full of likeminded people wearing colourful clothes …! (I used to do group meditation and enjoyed it very much / nowadays I have to save my energy for the essentials)

What has been the best thing to come of you having MS ?

And @look, I am also so sorry for the loss of your bro. That too is a crash course in mindfulness indeed.
There is indeed no point in being anywhere but now, when loss is overwhelming.
My father died suddenly when
I was a teenager. You don’t get over stuff like that, just learn to live with it !
I’m stands you in good stead for whatever else is thrown at you doesn’t it?

Wishing warm fuzzy, feelings to all ✨🌈🧜‍♀️😍💐☘️✨

8 months ago

Thankyou for that mermaidia – so true about loss standing you in good stead to cope with whatever life throws at you. Very sorry for your loss of your father when you were young. Your words are wise! Thinking good thoughts for anyone struggling today. X

8 months ago

Astounding analogy @mermaidia11 👏. I will see this daily – it’s now pinned on my cork board right in front of my laptop. I know it will undountedly lift my mood every day.

THANK YOU SO MUCH – you just made me feel so much more positive in one fell swoop.

Kudos. 🙏

8 months ago

Go girl ! @petlamb I know you are a warrior chick and you know all this – but sometimes we need reminding eh? I’m glad it helped.
And you helped me! Your post gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, so thanks chick x

@look thanks mate – I still miss him ! but his handsome self lived fast, died young and made a lot of people love and laugh in his short life .
And I don’t think I would have coped if I hadn’t have learnt loss early

I hope you and everyone are ok✨🌈🧜‍♀️💕✨

8 months ago

I really hear your comments about your dad -he sounds like he was really cool. it’s so good to remember the great things about our loved ones. My brother was really funny, kind and lived his short life filling it up with many adventures which are part of the family tapestry now. Your words are very wise! Hope you are well ⭐️🌞

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