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That feeling of hopelessness

So I’ve been under investigating for 3 years now (due to be diagnosed this week) and I’ve had some “episodes” in that period of time. Nothing life changing, but stuff like slurred search and vertigo that have been mild hindrances. For the last 3/4 months I’ve suffering from an absolute nightmare relapse that has made me lose memory, have reduced focus, pains literally everywhere, depression etc. Google MS and I’ve had literally almost all of the symptoms.

All of this has caused me to miss all of my exams, and even though I won’t be penalised for missing them I can resit them in August, but that will be unlikely as I am still having these issues – I have no time to study! As well as this, I’ve recently had to resign from work as my brain can’t keep up with any of the work I’m doing and I sure as hell can’t spend that much time on my feet.

Unfortunately I’m prone to depression so I always see the glass half empty, and now I’m wondering what my life has become. I cant continue with university, I’ve resigned from work, I’m always tired and my life is very dull. How am I going to find a job without any qualifications, but more importantly how am I going to find a job that I can do with my MS?

Anyone else been through something similar amd/or had feeling of hopelessness before? What did you guys do? What do you guys think I could do? Any advice would help me greatly.


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1 year ago

I tottally understand your situation, because ive been in the same one or still am in such a position. I also dropped my studies, ok i have a diploma paper,but that is just proof that im a theoretical jerk. 🙂 i never had a job, because as you mentioned before I feel unsure about my abilities and so on. Nevertheless speaking to others, who also have even greater issues (wheelchair, lack of sight and other) gave me the strength that i needed to stand up again. Its never too late to change you point of view especcially about yourself. In the end you are the only one who can control and design your present and future. In August im going to an employment bureau, because some of my MSfriends told me that they found jobs that suit them there. Try to find people who inspire you and make you happy that is the best advice i can give you. All the other issues will then simply pass away.

Wish you all the luck

1 year ago

@eigenhater , you are really in need of a definite diagnosis. Then you can get yourself on a treatment regime and take some control of the situation.

Leave Dr. Google alone. There’s too many horror stories, which are totally out of context.

You mention depression twice in your post. Is this something that you’ve discussed with your GP? You need to get your mindset in the right place to tackle this, so some anti-depressant help may be in order. This isn’t an acknowledgement of weakness, it’s just a way of taking back control.

You’re still very young to be dealing with all this. Given the right medication, there’s no reason why you can’t halt the progress of your MS and effect a recovery from your recent problems.

Never give up hope.

1 year ago

When I was newly diagnosed, my neurologist told me that he was more worried about my mental state than he was about the MS. I think he’d be telling you the same thing! It was an acknowledgement that mental issues are really, really serious. They stop you making sense of the world and mean that you are not in control of yourself and your feelings. @stumbler is right. MS is far more treatable now than in the past. You WILL be able to get your life back, but only when your head is in the right place. You say that diagnosis is about to happen – good! But alongside that, you need advice on how to improve your mood. That will likely mean meds, but that’s OK. (I’m on them for life). With diagnosis (if it is MS), there’ll be a treatment plan, so be prepared to engage in the decision about which DMD is appropriate. Also will diagnosis will come the support of specialist nurses – they will help you through this. xx

1 year ago

Once you start on treatment, pay attention to your diet and get any mental health issues under control you will be able to go back and finish your degree and get a good job. Start your researching now, when I was diagnosed my neuro asked me which treatment I wanted to try. So I had to go home find out what my insurance would pay for (US) and which one I thought would work the best. That was 10 years ago so there wasn’t very many treatments offered. Now you have plethora of options so you better start planning your battle against MS. Potter

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