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That Awkward Moment When…

You fumble to the restroom (20 ft away) as best as you can from your room, clutching your butt cheeks as hard as you can, but as soon as you open the door it’s over. You’ve done it, you let go without meaning to. You’ve left a bloody mess (not literally) in a public restroom — the kind of mess you’ve always looked at before you had MS and wondered how in the world someone could get shit all over the stall. And now you know. Please tell me I’m not the only one here who this has happened to.

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3 years ago

@rumo , I feel your pain. It brings a whole new meaning to the term, “shit happens”! It is the worst kind of “double-edged sword”, you know you need the restroom quickly, but your legs won’t get you there quickly. A double-whammy if ever there was one!

We just have to prepare as best we can and accept that “accidents” will happen.

Here’s some advice on these issues:-

3 years ago

Walking along a lovely woodland path in Italy, in the mountains. The sun is shining and all seems well with the world. Then that moment when you know something is not right. You just have to “go”. Husband keeping watch along the path for people who might be embarrassed. Right at that moment, the only one mortally embarrassed is me. That moment will stay in my memory forever. I did manage to sort myself out before someone walked along the path – just! 🙁 @rumo I feel your pain. But as @stumbler wisely said “shit happens” to all of us.

3 years ago

Driving home from work had that horrible feeling in my stomach,trying to get home without setting off any speed cameras,having to ditch my van half way across mine and my neighbours drive,scrambling to get my keys into the locks on the front door,mad dash to the toilet,tripping over the cat,cutting my head open on the corner of a wall unit,managing to get into my toilet,undoing trousers and not making the toilet before I go,yeah sounds kind of familiar.

3 years ago

Yes i have had those incidents in the most awful of places. Go before you go anywhere, while your there and b4 you leave. Know where public loos are at all time. Do not wait till the last min!

3 years ago

It’s just hard because I don’t get that much notice before it happens. I literally feel it come on when it’s already too late.

3 years ago

Well your profile doesn’t say whether you are male/female. For us ladies there is always panty liners…and carry a spare pair of knickers in your bag…
Losing weight will help. As will watching WHAT you eat. Avoid stuffing your face with large meals..has the inevitable result.
In the UK the GP would offer a continence clinic….don’t know the situation where you live.

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