jdd0310 19/05/17
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TENS machine

Anybody tried a TENS machine to help nerve pain? Somebody thought it might help my hip/buttock pain.

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9 months ago

http://www.medfaxxinc.com/index.php?/Articles/ms-pain-and-tens-machines.html hello in this article it is written that a tense machine is kind of appropriate for people with MS however there are also certain unanswered questions. Try and youll find out if it suits you. 🙂

9 months ago

@jdd0310, I haven’t tried a Tens for hip/buttock pain and I’m interested because I have the same. Like a knife sometimes which makes the little walking I do difficult. It comes and goes. I saw a Physio on Wednesday and she said it was MS linked which was a relief as I thought I might have a dodgy hip.
I tried one years ago and it worked, sort of, think it was for back pain. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what others say……anything to help!

9 months ago

I have tried those home tens machines for l’hermitte’s signal, altered sensations, and random pains. I have not found it to have helped any of those things BUT I think i don’t know enough about where to place the electrode things so I’d love to know if it has worked for other people and how they knew where to place the electrode things!

My sister in law used tens for pain relief when she was in labour and she said that helped somewhat for the first little while.

9 months ago

I have had nerve pain in one of my legs for 4 years now. My tens is the only thing that helps I love it ! Use it every night!!

9 months ago

Hi all, from what little I know TENs is great when in child labour as it takes the edge off pain by your body producing natural endorphins -worked for me and I did not need any nasty drugs. Makes sense that it would work for MS pain too but I had not thought of that -worth a try – it’s natural and I presume harmless and lets your body do the work naturally. Good luck Knotty xx

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