4 years ago
Temporary Break of MS Talk

Ok, first I know that this is a site for MS, but surely we can have some normality here, so I’ll Get the ball rolling with, I’m a gamer, PC mainly with a bit of PS3 thrown in for good measure XD


What do u do in your free time to relieve stress, relax, and forget about the MS for a bit? 🙂

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I do cryptic crosswords, especially like ‘araucaria’. I also set myself cooking challenges and do a lot of entertaining.

I read books, watch tv shows (Father Ted, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Firefly, to name a few…) and films, do decopatch, and go to various clubs and societies at uni 🙂 What PC games do you play? I am quite into my sims 3… And sims medieval… I also love a bit of Fable. x

I also play the sims 3, am mainly into strategy turn based games, e.g. Total war series, and some shooters, time shift, crysis 2, also dishonored and the elder scrolls V skyrim XD

Most of my friends and my brother are very into Oblivion and Skyrim. And Dragon Age games as well, they are the fave among them. I don’t need to play these games because I have seen them being played so many times! :p

I only own skyrim, but am looking to get the online version when it comes out, but I wud definitely buy more elder scrolls games, their like people, they have their own personalities, 🙂

Quilting. Sewing. And no im not 70! But I love making stuff!
Art work too (drawing- I suck at painting)!
Never have been much good at computer games, always loose, which does not encourage me!
Movies lots, especially comedy and drama, though my favourite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. Love it!
Actually, any movie with dinosours in it is ok by me.
🙂 Jas

I love going to concerts (sit down ones only these days! I will get back to the mad bone crushing ones sometime I hope!) I love going to plays and musicals too. Up until last May when the last musical we did ended I was in a musical society. Not doing it this year but hopefully will be back doing that again soon too. Gaming wise I like to replay FF7 and FF9 over and over but that’s just when I need serious distraction. Kirsty, we have very similar taste in TV, especially Fr. Ted, Sherlock and Doctor Who. I’ve been on a few what I call “Doctor Who pilgrimages” to the UK, Cardiff is my mecca!

I have a godson, Jack, he’s 16 months old and he’s my world! His mother is my cousin and the closest thing I have to a sister (there’s 6 weeks between us)We like to do stuff together with a few other friends, go out for dinner, cinema things like that. I also go for dinner and cinema dates with my mates from the musical society. I have a fairly active social life considering really! There’s lots I can’t do at the moment because of the fatigue mostly and the fact I live far away from most of my friends now. I’m working on that though!

Im NOT a gamer. (Having a son who is, is bad enough!) But TV wise, am with @kirstyscotland8.
@jasfromtas….I’m into crafts too, in my case jewellry making. I didn’t think I could do it, what with the shaky hands and I have learnt to adapt, ask for help and plain old not bother with some stuff.
Reading, tv, the occasional cinema trip. Anything more adventurous tends to be with the help of Jman.
Travelling: to my daughter, boyfriend and anyone else who knows me…
Trying to stay active so go to tai-chi and swimming.
Also go to a ladies group from my church.

You craft folk should try Decopatch. It’s so addictive 🙂 Doctor Who pilgrimages sound awesome. I love going to the theatre as well. I am going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday night, I cannot wait!!! 🙂 x


Hello. i am also a gamer. currently waiting with anticipation for the release of SimCity 5. I am an experienced gamer specialising in japanese games. Currently working for Square-Enix in Tokyo, Japan. My MS WILL not stop me in carrying on with my life. My spare time is occupied with designing new prototype models.

Very fulfilled lives you all have. 🙂

Openminded, I have a friend who is currently at uni to be a game developer.

Great stuff people! XD

I’m a crafter too but I make cards. I’m in the process of making 80 wedding invitations at the moment (do you ever regret saying yes to something?).

I also have a 5 and a half year old little girl who keeps me busy.

I do a lot involving MS. I do talks to social workers carers about how MS affects me, I deliver a training course about MS/MND and i’ve just become a support worker for the MS society. There is a ‘new’ benefit called CDS in Wales, Citizen Directed Support, (SDS – Self Directed Support in England), and I was asked to be on the panel for this, which I also do.

When I have time I love reading and music.

I’m a big gamer, love my 360 but my PS3 is basically just used as a blu-ray player. I’ve got a 3ds but I rarely bother with it, I prefer playing games and emulators on my phone and tablet.
I love going to the gym and drawing/digital painting, done a few commissions lately which was cool; I may have had to give up my career as a designer but the MS doesn’t stop my drawing any more 😀

@kirstyscotland8…if you mean decoupage, have had a go on this course am doing. Fun! theres a limit to items you can decoupage, I spose. Me I’m still sniffing out suitable images to include. heh heh!


I am a designer with MS. i refuse to give up designing things. I have just changed how i design and make things. Not being able to hold a pencil is so annoying.

I think they might be the same thing but the stuff I use is defo called decopatch. I want to decopatch everything. The shop where I buy my materials has even got a decopatched toilet and sink in the bathroom! The next big thing I want to do is a full length mirror. 🙂 x

It’s nice to have a topic that isn’t about ms for a change Dan yes.

I tend to go through phases of creativity to keep busy, flitting between digital art and music a lot but also enjoy gaming i’m just not as much of a hardcore gamer as I used to be. I do enjoy the fantasy based world of warcraft game a lot, also first person shooter typpe games where you blast anything that moves kinda thing. Also enjoy car racing games.

I enjoy tweaking tech too in my spare time, making it better, faster and something useful is very much a labor of love though sometimes it’s hard (especially with windows lol) I enjoy the challenge & have been known to completely empty friends machines of viruses so they tend to come & see me now when they have a problem with there tech or need advice on getting a new system.

To unwind at bedtime I enjoy a good read, crime novels, mysterys (Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, Ian Rankin etc). Anything to do with special ops or covert intelligence i find particularly fascinating.

Not a fan of digital reading for fiction, I draw the line there, prefer an authentic book while lying in bed with a good cuppa=).

Nothing better than a good book in your hands, a comfy seat and lots of quite while I read, I prefer most of Conn Iggulden’s stuff, historical books bulked out with lots of ‘what ifs’, really good stuff if you like that sort of thing. XD

Gamer, Xbox all the way nowadays. Used to be big on PC games but the cost and arse ache of it all made me step away and go simple. Loving the 3D games (AC3 and BO2 atm). Family and lots of running in between as well.

I have a obsession for hacking (mainly Android devices) and by that I mean I don’t code it myself I just hack the device and put new stuff on it!

Liverpool fan, watcher of films (more gaming though) and play C&C Tiberium Alliances (dunno if anyone else does or is a fan of the C&C universe?).

I watch TV (Holby City, The new normal, BBT ) play on iPad games get addicted and also my PC i enjoy strategy games etc have just got new PC and am just playing Civilization 5.

Listen to music too i may go for a drive with music blarring out to chill after work before pick hubby up.

I’m a bookworm, will read any kind of genre!Would rather read than watch tv. All those stations and still can’t find anythin to watch! I love driving 2 and listening to my music. I’m that person that you pull up beside in your car and look as if am talking to myself, but am singing honest!!!Love the cinema and just soaking up the atmosphere and chewing on my nachos!

Hi @Dan W I’m not so much of a gamer as I used to be but I’m playing crisis 2 at the moment. I’ve got so many hobbies that it drives my Mrs nuts, things like electronics (really basic) and taking computers apart, playing the ukulele, harmonica, going to Krav Maga, learning to tattoo, drawing pictures (mostly tattoos!). I always come back to playing the harmonica though, there’s something really satifying about making a load of noise and occasionally it actually sounds alright too!

My baby (10month old) has started crawling and following me around the house ♥♥♥♥

Let’s see… i am really into fitness and nutrition, crossfit, yoga and running specifically… Also i LOVE reading. A warm bath and a book will make me very happy! I work in the advertising industry so that is my cretaive outlet. And my happiest is when i am with family just relaxing or walking my dog! 🙂 i am not a gamer or huge tv watcher but i am a lover of the outdoors!!

I love reading. Running with my dog (when I can) and playing computer games… specifically World of Warcraft, Sims (Sim City-ish type games) and Skyrim.
I also love cooking.

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