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Tecfidera and weight gain


I started Tecfidera nearly 2 years ago and I have been steadily putting on weight since, 12 kg (26 lbs) in total. I was on antidepressants for around 4 months and I thought this might be contributing and I would lose the weight when I came off them. But no! I have been off them 2 months now and not lost a thing, in fact I’ve put on another 2kg! I haven’t changed my diet in this time and I eat pretty well, lots of plant-based foods with beans, legumes and fruit and veggies, some nuts and seeds, lots of water, no bread, absolutely nothing processed or take-ways, nothing like that. I do like dark chocolate but I don’t think that’s a big deal considering that the rest of my diet is good. I also run a couple of times a week, I’m up to 8k at the moment, yoga twice a week, and lift weights twice a week. For the amount of effort I’m putting into exercise I can’t believe I’m not losing anything. I’ve also increased how much I walk (I do have a sedentary office job) and still nothing. Am I alone? I feel the doctors don’t take this seriously. My BMI now means I’m overweight and my confidence is so knocked. I feel unhealthy and big and uncomfortable in my own body. None of my clothes fit. Also, has anyone come off Tec and lost the weight? Or am I stuck like this forever?

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2 months ago

@nicola15 , you’re not alone :-

I’m just wondering whether Tecfidera/Multiple Sclerosis can affect your Thyroid function??

2 months ago

Hi @stumbler, the doc did just send me for blood tests for that actually but it all looks normal from what I can see on the results. I’m going to see her next week to show them to her but it doesn’t look like it that. I almost wish it was so I had a reason and solution!

2 months ago

Hi @nicola15. I put on two stone following diagnosis, comfort eating and Tecfidera. I lost it in 6 months following a ketodiet. There are lots of posts on here if you type in the search box. You sound very active compared to me! I lost the weight without increasing exercise. This diet doesn’t suit everyone, but I am now a convert. It was harder for me as I’m and meat and fish work well with Keto. Anyways, dig around to find something that suits you, you can do it! 🙂

2 months ago

Thank you for your encouraging words @vixen, and congratulations on your weight loss! I’ve never had to diet before but I did see someone else on here had success with the keto so maybe it’s one to look into and I’ll just have to try and be more disciplined now I’m on Tec! Thanks again! 🙂

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