laineybob101 15/03/17
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Tecfidera and alcohol

So… I know I’m not supposed to have strong alcohol within 1 hr of having tablet-
Guessing wine is ok…

And not that I am, but what if I’m drunk when I need to take it? Will that stop it working- just planning 😂😂


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11 months ago

I drink wine and take techfidera, It depends on how your body tolerates it. 🍷

11 months ago

I’ve been drunk and taken it with no adverse effects.

11 months ago

I’ve taken my Tecfidera with a Mojito! Didn’t have any adverse reaction but it’s probably best not to plan to do that 😬

11 months ago

I have taken it after a few glasses of red wine a few times and it did not effect me but i would say not to do it on a regular basis as i am sure it wil not help.

11 months ago

I have a small glass of wine with dinner now and then and it hasn’t had any effect with the Tec I took in the middle of the meal. Potter

11 months ago

It won’t stop it working but they advise on taking Tecfidera with a meal usually with fatty things to ensure that the drug is delivered over time rather than in one big hit, so symptoms don’t come on too strong.

I can say without doubt that the symptoms effects do lessen over time, and that I’ve had the tablet without food (and yes, with gin, it’s like water but not) with no really awful effects but I’d still rather have the tablet with food than only liquid.

If you’re having the alcohol with the meal I’m sure it’s fine.

If you’re hammered and haven’t eaten for some time, it probably won’t help with symptoms much (although you might not even notice). And chances are if you throw up shortly after taking the tablet it won’t get into your system at all.

I think try to generally be sensible and have some dinner with tec and it’ll be fine if you’re drinking afterwards.

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