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2 months ago

Welcome to the club!
If you click the tecfidera box under your post it’ll take you to all the previous chats people have written about it.
There are a few of us using it so loads of knowledge at your beckon call.

Thank you, past comments on Tecfidera have been very helpful and reassuring.

2 months ago

I’m sure the rest of the gang will be along soon to say hi.
Top tip make sure you eat before or take it while you eat.
Most of side effects go away fairly quickly.
But they have a habit of poppy back again just to let you know it’s doing something.
Cool name btw nearly run out of ink😃

2 months ago

@samantha_wyles_van_zyl Hi!
As Chris says, make sure you eat a balanced meal including fat and protein and don’t take the tecfidera before at least halfway through, and space the doses at least 10 hours apart.

The side effects aren’t too bad for the first 7 to 10 days, but they can build up a bit from there to weeks 8 to 10.

Work out what food combination works best for you, reducing the side effects.

I’ve settled on 2 or 3 bacon medallions and a 30g portion of cereal for breakfast, but no less or I get more prolonged flushes 4 hours later, 13 months since I started taking it.

Dinner isn’t so hard, as you’ve already got something in your stomach and you’re normally hungry by then!

I find that I get headaches if I don’t eat at my usual times to take my tecfidera……

Have some raw cashew nuts on hand to nibble, as they quell the queasiness, as can à glass of semiskimmed milk.

I take an antihistamine after dinner and it helps dampen the side effects, as I can’t take aspirin.

I now have a few more food intolérances than before, and the existing ones are worse. I don’t think I’m the only one who has found that out either.

My 12 months MRI showed no disease activity in my brain, so it appears to be working.

Good luck!

Send me a friend request if you would like to pm me.

Vivien xxxx 🤗🙏

2 months ago

@vivien (spelt it right!) Talked me through starting with this, thanks she’s a font of knowledge about it.

2 months ago

@samantha_wyles_van_zyl , it sounds like you’ve done your preparation. Good luck with it and may it work well for you.

Thanks so much highlander, Vivien & Stumbler, you don’t know how much this means to me to have this support. It has been a long scary 2 years, I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’m hoping that Tecfidera works for me and slows down the relapses. I’m vegetarian, so it’s good to know I have to try to eat more. Another day ahead, time to get up and going.

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