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Tec and beans

Hope your all well and good…
Quick question I’ve read people saying that bears aren’t a a good idea when you’re taking TEC I’m guessing you mean all types of beans like baked , runner and green beans……
As I feel terrible after eating green beans.
Just checking as hate them and my wife keeps insisting their good for me…..
I’m bright red , itch and have a runny nose that’s never been this bad before.
First time on green beans

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8 months ago

Well, Im not well known about these details but once I read an egyptian doc saying beans are actually excellent
He said becaise they contain something called choline and i dont know whats that he talked about other things i cant mind at the moment.

8 months ago

I for one, definitely wouldn’t mix BEARS and Tec!

8 months ago

They are quite good for you but there are also lots of other greens that are good for you. My wife eats them with Tecfidera without issues.

8 months ago

@birdboy…..I should have gone to spec savers!
Other optician are available.

8 months ago

@highlander don’t worry about it sometimes i also get my worms mixed up!

8 months ago

Some people have more problems with beans than others. I am one of those people that has problems with almost every kind of bean. It if funny I don’t think I have ever had a problem with green beans. I love beans, sometimes I can eat a small serving but most of the time they send me to the bathroom. Last winter I made some soup with frozen packaged soup vegetables. It had some Lima beans in it, I thought there wasn’t that many it will be alright. Boy was I wrong I had to throw it away. Potter

8 months ago

Hi Highlander, I gave up Bears a while ago but still eat beans of every variety. In fact I grow runner/ French, have just picked a load of French cos the lodger (a Zimbabwaian who’s lived in Australia for 20 years and did her nurse training there) is going to make a bean curry! Been on Tec since January no problems with any food so far, perhaps I’m just lucky.😍

8 months ago

Have been on Tec for 18 months and have not had trouble with either bears, or beans 🙂

8 months ago

bright red, itchy, runny nose – that’s Techfidera !

nowt to do with the beans methinks, just an excuse not to eat your greens; are you mixing up your wife with your mum?

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