5 years ago

Do you have one? What does it say or look like? I have 2, I got the first one done when my whole right arm was numb. It says ‘Never Give up Hope’, I forget it’s there most days!

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I have a Treble Clef on my right calf, somewhat stylised into a Celtic shape too.

I have no idea what that is! Sounds lovely though…

ugh tattoos my pet hate

I have 21 tatts im plannin on 1 big one left on my back of a brain wih nerves n pslam 56:4

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?

Hey if it means something to you then go for it!

I have 5 now, my favourites being an oriental flower back piece (12 hours!) and my newest addition is a peacock on my right thigh, 4 hours outline completed (during a relapse and numb leg-win!!) just waiting for colour once the awful sandpaper sensation in my leg disappears which has been kindly left in place of numbness….cheers MonSter!!!!!

Iv go one tiny on my ancle, does it feel worse when yourve got numbness?

Much like ophelia I had my first one done when my right arm had gone numb. It didn’t hurt but the second one hurt like a beast. Still it’s only 15 minutes of pain! My friend wants us to go and get another one but I don’t know where to get it done on my body? I have one on my arm and top of my back. Any suggestions would be welcome!


I have 4 with at least 7 large ones planned. I’m actually heading out to get a small one done soon. A little yellow lemon behind my ear. I’m quite looking forward to it…since the big ones I have planned wont be done for who knows how long.

i got 7 tattoes. I started to get them after i was told i had ms. One is the name of my mom in arabic the other is my younger brothers name with and alpha right besides it that means my closest friends, the other one is courage in chinese, and got three more in the back, and one more in the leg a tribal, they all mean something to me, if the tatto means something to you, then go for it! 🙂

I have 1 which i got for my 40th birthday-i like dolphins and i am mad about yin yangs so i got a yin yang with a dolphin in the middle and got another one planned for my 45th birthday in september-i love Russian Dolls so plan one with the initials MS incorporated into it cause they are so alike-both are with you for life x

I have a maori hammerhead shark on my right foot. As a former PADI Divemaster who probably won’t be able to dive for a long time, it felt apppropriate to remind me of the times I dived with hammerheads and other sharks when I was at my most happiest and free! I got it done in New Zealand which again means a great deal for me

i have 3 1 on my back my little boys name on my foot and my husbands 1 on my arm the one on my foot hurt soooooooooo much lol x

I’d love to get my feet done but I’m too chicken!!! I’ll stick to my squidgy bits 🙂

Lol I am a chicken to lol but always wanted one on my foot and my husband didn’t think I wud do it so had to then lol x

I have 3…one on my foot, one under my clavicle and a side piece. My husband does them, so I’m sure I’ll have more eventually. 🙂

I have three, a CND peace symbol on my foot, two purple love hearts on my tush and the largest one is my MS inspired one, an Asian style elephant on my inner calf. It’s the Buddhist symbol for strength.
I plan on a few more… I really want a dream catcher on my thigh!

and I haven’t even had my ears pierced! It’s the needles that put me off (:)

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