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Symptoms or not 😂

Good morning beautiful people hope your all feeling fab this morning and if not well here’s a huge cyber hug 😊
Now since almost diagnosis I feel fine no real dwelling ect but… every twinge itch ache pain no joke I’m like omg ms 😂 is it normal to feel this way I’m not overly concerned or anything like that or anxious it just constantly plays on my mind.
Now Im guessing these feelings n pondering on every ache will dissapper in time.
Just wondered if anyone else has felt this way.
Many thanks guys much love

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1 year ago

You’re absolutely right. It’s normal to feel ‘peculiar/worried/anxious etc. and yes, these feelings will subside as you come to terms with it all. Unfortunately, you can’t get your body to ‘fast-forward’ the distress – it will find its own rhythm. What you CAN do is pamper yourself a little and generally be kind to yourself. Big hugs, x

1 year ago

It’s more annoying when docs put everything down to ms. We become unwell sameway general public do. Its normal to be scared but be aware you can feel knocked back when you do get ill worse than people who don’t have this illness but generally as Cameron said keep awayfrom obvious germs but pamper yourself. You are stronger than you think.x

1 year ago

Hi, first diagnosed 23 years ago. Spent 3 months in bed not knowing if I would walk again. Had teenage daughter just preparing for GCSE’s, everything scary and unknown. Had 22 years of Caravanning, grand parenting, celebrating Milleniums, raising money for local children’s hospice, swimming, shopping etc., all this has now changed after RRMS has become secondary progressive but looking forward to next chapter with through lift and electric wheelchair , even dogs are getting used to it though we have had one or two incidents with squashed tails (they are big dogs) but hey life goes on, keep the pecker up!

1 year ago

@grandma this is what I’m scared of all mine are still babies n I’m petrified of the wheelchair 😣 I know it’s not the case for all but can’t help but worry xx

1 year ago

@vincentnancy88 , you’re still young, so not only do you have your age on your side, you also have a wide range of treatment options.

And, of course, you’re feeling different now. You’re trying to establish your new normal, following the diagnosis.

This post-diagnosis time is an emotional rollercoaster, as you struggle to accept this diagnosis. This “ride” can take up to a year or more to complete.

So, take care and look after yourself.

1 year ago

Thank you @stumbler as always.
I luckily have accepted the fact that I have it it’s just the challenges I may face I suppose that scares me ever so slight but I’m pretty level headed n strong minded it was the not knowing that deverstated me the most.
Especially having the funky eye sight now I don’t care because I know why.
Also @stumbler I have my first nero appointment at the end of March I’m not sure what to expect? Any pointers or tips for first appointment many thanks 😊

1 year ago

Oh and also @stumbler will i have to have a lumbar puncture whats the chances? Or do i discuss that at appointment x

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