bienenstich 28/02/17
Last reply 11 months ago
Swallowing problems anyone?

I’ve been struggling with my swallowing lately. I can get food down ok but it feels like it isn’t going down completely and have been having pain in my back and cough. Chest infection? I’m scared. I’ve come off Copaxone in prep for Lem but I can now see this happening like, never.

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11 months ago

@bienenstich , this can be an MS Symptom.

You may find the following article useful:-

11 months ago

I have this. Chewing fine, process of swallowing fine but then feels like the food takes longer to “push” down.

Currently on day two of Lemtrada, so hoping it may help. Have a read of my blog if you like

11 months ago

Thank you you two. I wonder now if it hasn’t been a bit of a throaty thing as well as or rather than MS. My throat is certainly quite inflamed. But have been chewing slowly, taking my time to eat and sitting up straight (all good manners really ;-))

Will have a look at your blog pipster. I hope Lem has been going well for you and helps. I should be hopefully up for this in a couple of weeks!!!

11 months ago

Yes. I also feel like there is some sort of lump or obstruction in my throat all the time. I have to be careful not to aspirate water when I drink. I’m going to see a throat specialist in a few weeks.

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