4 years ago
swallowed a mobile?

Does anyone ever have the feeling like there is a ringing mobile in their stomach – like vibrations. If so does anyone know if it ‘just’ a symptom or a relapse?
I wish my intestines would just answer the bloody thing 🙂

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Sounds gross but its prob just yr digestive system. Intestines, bowel and stomach…only worry if there is acute pain as well.

it is real strange – i am pretty sure its not digestive because I ve had these vibrations before in my legs during a relapse.

Could it be muscle spasms, similar to “butterflies in the stomach”?

I looked it up on ms web site its called Paraesthesia – its sensory. So I will just have to see how it goes I seem to be forever emailing my ms nurse. I also now get in my chest when I bend my head forward.

Keeping the MS Nurse up-to-date allows them to plot the progress of your MS, so it’s useful for them, I think.
But sensory symptoms can be helped with meds……

I just feel so bad to keep emailing her but to be honest everytime I do it does turn out to be something she is worried about – so i suppose my ms is just active at the moment and why they started me on tysabri

They’re there to help you. If you don’t ask for help, there’ll be unemployed and disappear. And we don’t want that! 🙂

very true 🙂 my nurse is so brilliant

I used to get somthing similar when i was a teenager. started after a bout of gastroentoritis. They said it was a side effect of irritable bowl syndrome and prescribed my mebevarine (i think it was called)It relaxes the intestines during peristalsis.

I hope they stop ringing you who ever they are 😉

they wont stop ringing and I told them I dont want double glazing 🙂

I’ve had similar things happen in my head and some other really strange stuff.

The one in my in my head, although not like a mobile ring so much but definitely a kinda ringing thrum, wasn’t painful particularly just uncomfortable.

I’ve also been in a situation where my mouth has been closed and yet my senses gave me the impression of an audial respiratory movement, in simpler terms, hearing a breathing sound as if the mouth was open but yet it was closed.

Other strange symptoms from time to time occur, it’s always pretty brief (unlike a full relapse) but always reminds me how bizarre this condition that we have can be at times.

Stuff that defies the senses, although uncomfortable, in it’s own way is quite entertaining sometimes though each time is different. Trying to be ultra optimistic here.

it could be a nigerian prince who wants to give you £100,000. all you need to do is give him your bank details and he will go away!


You mean the phone call thing?

Lol confused me a bit there (but that’s ok I am already pretty confused most of the time)

hugmachine, you mean the phone call thing right?

Lol was confused there for a sec (which is ok, i am usually pretty confused most of the time)

That’s the problem with analogies……..

🙂 o how funny @hugmachine you were so right so I gave him my bank details – drinks on me haha

@f3ng5hu1 yeah i meant the phone calls – sorry for confusion!

Mine is just after me making a ppi claim! I’ve told them to take me off speed dial but they just don’t give up :p

@ktea .Bizarre. I often have the feeling like I have a mobile on silent about my person somewhere and it’s vibrating… sometimes in my leg… sometimes in my chest area… sometimes in my butt cheeks…

It has never really been an issue… and when i mentioned it to both GP and MS Nurse… they kind of brushed it aside…

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