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3 years ago

Hi Maria
I’m new to the site too and like you see it to be very informative and one of the less ‘scary’ forums

3 years ago

I know Krisp I am a very positive person and sometimes with the symptoms we get I get a little down and just want to talk to people that understand

3 years ago

@maria , welcome.

We all try and keep a smile on our face. MS may be our condition, but it is felt by all those close to us. So, we need to keep smiling for them.

But, it is OK to get annoyed, or frustrated, or just generally pissed off with it. Just try and keep those moments to yourself. Or share them with us here.

We’ll understand. Always consider letting off steam on the forum, rather than create an atmosphere at home. 😉

3 years ago

Hi @maria
I’m exactly the same, not diagnosed yet but been having problems since late last year. I used to be so positive but get moments now where I’m overwhelmed I suppose but that’s the nature of psychology I guess, if you need anything I’ll be glad to help, I know exactly what you mean about people who understand, it’s just having the same perspective as each other

3 years ago

Hi! It’s very nice to meet you and welcome to the site @maria 🙂
I am relatively new to MS but I’m finding out quickly what a pain it the backside it can be. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask 🙂


3 years ago

Hi all I don’t know who to chat to but I feel that I want to tell everyone that suffer with an illness like ours that there is so
Much help out there. I have spoken to two people today unaware of our illness. And it were to thank them ,one been access to work ( why you say well , to thank them for helping me get to work by helping me pay towards getting me there as I am not very good at getting very far. When diagnosed I looked at help with anything that would get me to work and keep me positive and going and this were one of them. I told the gentlemen I wouldn’t of been able to keep working other wise. The next were the blue badge lady who I were just enquireing to who do I pay,and we got talking about my ms and how long I had been diagnosed I told her my story and when finished she said I were an insparation and had made her day. Bless . I have been called an inspAration many times. And I say if can spread positivity to anyone with any illness and it helps and that is what they call inspAration well yep I am xx

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