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Hi, just wondering if stress might affect my eyesight.? I know it makes symptoms feel worse, and that’s for sure, but no knowledge of stress affecting eyesight…my focus is not sharp, bit fuzzy. Thanks for reading this.

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I don’t know, but logically (given that we know MS can affect each and every part of the body and that stress is a trigger)… why wouldn’t it?

My thoughts Cameron, lots if stress at moment and I really am having difficulty focussing

Well, I’ve posted this before but in case you haven’t seen it, here is my physio’s ‘recipe’ for countering/eliminating symptoms. It works on the basis that the stress hormone – cortisol – needs dampening down and replacing with endorphins, the ‘feelgood’ hormones.
1 Do gentle exercise as often as possible, stopping immediately you feel fatigue.
2 Indulge your sense of taste – red wine, chocolate. Whatever and in whatever quantity, just as you feel.
3 Find stimulating company – i.e. arrange something social with people who make you laugh, get you talking, have interesting things to say.
4 Do something thought-stimulating and which is a tiny bit difficult e.g. a new book, a hard sudoku – whatever.

It can’t hurt to give it a go! I generally feel improvement after about 3 days of this regime.


Thank you will try and give it a go

Irene, I get terrible issues with my eyes when I’m stressed. The effects are almost immediate, it’s mad. I try my best not to stress out and when I’m getting wound up I use little techniques to reduce it. I’m mad for meditation, but even a few deep breaths and a sniff of lavender helps me!

Thanks Lilylily, glad to know I’m not going mad. X

stress causes all sorts of problems and i know too well as it is the main cause that brings on my symptons. A friend of mine was paralysed for short periods due to stress. I am now learning to work with it, not easy.

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