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Starting to think I have mild depression

I know the topic sounds a bit stupid but recently I just haven’t felt myself, it could be the MS, the treatment I’ve had (Lemtrada about 4 weeks ago which also required a load of steroids). But anyway a few days ago I posted a topic about if it gets any easier and even though I do have goods, recently I’ve found myself exhausted, breaking down in tears for no reason (I put this down to fatigue) but now I just feel so miserable, I don’t wanna see anybody, I don’t wanna go anywhere, I’ve been off my food and the two things I love to do; watching wrestling and playing games, I have no desire to do anymore, I’m starting to getting worried that I’m starting to suffer from depression. Is it something I should mention to my MS Nurse as I have an appointment with her tomorrow, or could it just be the medication?

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1 year ago

@marcyg921 , yes, do discuss it with your MS Nurse. Just sharing the problem will make you feel better.

There may be a case for a course of anti-depressants, just to get you over this present hurdle, We all need a bit of help now and again. It is not a sign of weakness.

1 year ago

Not a stupid topic at all !!!! lack of sleep, a chronic condition and a heavy treatment in winter of all the lovely seasons.

It’s difficult to say if it’s depression or MS or treatment, but yes definitely mention it to your MS nurse.

Personal experience: I am 4 months post lemtrada (bad rash = loads of steroids = no sleep, followed by flu and chest infection, and scared of food (listeria and saturated fat at every corner). I had been referred to CBT for depression earlier in the year, therapy started 2 weeks after lemtrada. I was a complete mess, but only realised it in hindsight, when, the “brain fog” i was in suddenly lifted in January. Unfortunately, whether the problem was active MS, lemtrada or depression, nobody will ever know. I don’t even know when the fog started, it just creeps up on you doesn’t it?

I would recommend CBT to anyone. Again talk to your nurse, and ask for a referral. Better to be prepare if you need it, you can always cancel if you don’t. The reverse situation is more difficult to deal with.

Good thing is that you can vent here, it’s so easy to feel isolated and misunderstood but it’s so hard when you feel down to reach out to friends and family, it takes so much effort. Finding the right person to talk to, someone who you trust, and who will listen without being judgemental can also be tricky. Also, it’s good to go out, I know you don’t feel like it, but a little bit from time to time might help.

Look after yourself and take care

So there is reason to believe that depression is a symptom of MS. There are a couple links that show the MS patients suffer with depression at a much higher frequency then people with other “more serious” things like ALS. Ie the findings seem to show the depression is not a function of disability. While there are different conclusions that can be drawn, I believe the medical community now leans towards depression as part of diease activity. If you are interested I can try to dig up the link where I saw that.

The steriods can also be impacting you in roughly the timeframe you are discussing.

The fact that you are aware of it happening is really good. I think as stumbler said the best course of action is to see your dr proactively and get some medication to help you over the hump if they think its appropriate. I dont think it needs to be lasting thing neccessarily.

1 year ago

My GP told me that everyone diagnosed with a long-term condition undergoes a change in their mental state. You’re normal!

1 year ago

Awareness that you may need some help is a great start. Please also bear in mind that you’ve had a LOT of steroids with Lemtrada and one of the BIG side effects of steroids is mood change / roid rage and this should also be something you mention to your team.
In the interim, I hope you are still drinking your 3 litres of water a day so you can wash the vile things out of your system as quickly as you can xxx

1 year ago

Quick update, this morning I felt worse than ever (couldn’t even bring myself to look at my parents), anyway I spoke to my MS Nurse and she did say that everyone is different and it could just be a case of me needing more time to adjust at what happened. She also mentioned that since I was only diagnosed in November and had treatment in February it was obviously still gonna be a lot for me to handle but it also me overdoing things at work would have played a factor (didn’t go in today, just stayed at home and rested), anyway got another appointment in a months time and she did say if I still felt like this then maybe it would be beneficial to arrange some counselling sessions.

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