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Starting Tecfidera

Hi .
First time posting here. Just looking for an experience with starting Tecfidera. This will be my first MS treatment. The neuro presribed 240 mg of Tecfidera strating off.

Ive seen online that normally people start on 120 for a week or so and then go up to 240mg.

Any anybody had any experience with starting on 240. Dont want to start off badly if you know what i mean.


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5 months ago

@petedub , you can find all the previous posts of user’s experiences by selecting the “Tecfidera” link that has been added automatically to the the bottom of your post above.

240mg is the long term maintenance dose, so you wouldn’t increase that. Perhaps your neuro meant you’re starting off on Tecfidera 240mg and if that doesn’t work, you can move to another treatment?

5 months ago

I started on 120 and for the first two weeks then went up to full dose. It gets you used to any side effects that will hopefully wear off!

5 months ago

@petedub I’ve been a “teccy” for the last three years and it has served me well. So far no relapses or further white dots on my annual MRI.

When I started the Tec I read alot of stories about what might happen and how bad going on it could be. Yes I had “niggles” when I started, I think I was almost waiting for something bad to happen and the anxiety of worrying about what might happen made things 10 times worse.

One golden tip I would give anybody is to do the following when taking the tablet. Try to “sandwich” the tablet inbetween your meal, you know, eat half your food, pop the pill then finish your breakfast, dinner or lunch. A yoghurt seemed to work for me when taking the pill at breakfast with my cereal or porridge.

Flushing is part and parcel of the side effects, even now randomly i will flush for no apparant reason. I just think of it as my body fighting back at the MS.

Good luck and don’t worry.

5 months ago

Thanks everyone for the replies👍🏻 Exactly what you [email protected] hollyb10. Seems like that would be the normal way to do it. Ill get on to the neuro and see what the story is

@ruggermad. thanks for the tips. ive read alot about talking on a full stomach but you seem to have it down to a t. The fridge will be wall to wall frubes when i start😁 Thanks

5 months ago

Hello @petedub, I’ve only ever heard of people starting the lower dose initially. The best thing is to make sure you have a balance of fat and protein for each meal and yes, take it mid way. Always take it with food, for sure, especially early on whilst your body is getting used to it. If you have yogurts, make sure you put nuts in too. And yes, there will be lots of tips on here if you do a search. Good luck!

5 months ago

Pete you should really start on a months course of 120mg twice a day to make sure you don’t have any reaction to them then go up to 240mg after this, or the other reason could be you doctor could of patically asked for this starting dosage, prescription mistake??, I would give you MS specialist a call, hope you get this cleared ùp buddy

5 months ago

Been a Teccy myself this last year. Had the usual 1/2dose for 2 weeks, then went on full. Expected side effects first few weeks, all gone by wk8 , it’s supposed to reduce relapses, usually have 2/3 a year, were 2/3 rds of the way through December and no sign so far! I’m 62 and have had the beast for 25 years so all info is power, gather all you can, I hope all goes well🤙😍

4 months ago

Hi . Just coming to the end of my week of 120 mg tec and start on 240 tomorrow.
No major side affects so far.
Good luck.

4 months ago

my initial question was is it normal to start on 2x 240mg. which was my starting prescription. i contacted the neuro and turns out it was a mistake and should have been 120mg for 2 weeks😑 just waiting on the postman now and should be starting soon. thanks for the reply and glad to hear its going well for everyone!

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