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Starting avonex

Hello all

How you doing?

It has been a while since I posted anything. From my last post, my doctor have told me it is possible for me to have a MRI scan but under a very strict protocol.

After spoken with her last week about it, she explained about the process and her concerns than my implant will be ‘blocking’ from seeing my brain and stuff like that and it will affect the scan images and other things but she want to do a MRI which I agreed.

I have started my treatment, the first one was on 6th march. I’m on avonex (after other repulse before the start process of treatment) I was so ill and was on steroids, you can imagine my mood swings ahaha! I couldn’t stop eating, was in constant pain and I was so moody and I was so emotional, I cried often.

Anyway, I started the treatment I’m on avonex. My MS nurse taught me how to administer injection (it’s a good job I’m not scared of needles) after I took it, I burst out crying and I was very upset. I was so scared but I know this treatment will help me to stay stable for a long time (which I really hope it will) and I really don’t want other relapse. I didn’t had any side effects, just that I was very very very hot. I actually feel fine and I feel much happier.

I have question, as I smoke and I do like to drink but I have cut it down. I wonder what’s your experience when it come to alcohol whilst on treatment especially avonex?

Happy Monday
M xx

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1 year ago

@missmoona , I’m pleased that you’re starting to get things managed.

I found this little snippet for you:-

“Interferon beta-1a may cause liver problems, and using it with other medications that can also affect the liver such as ethanol may increase that risk. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with these medications.”

1 year ago

Hi M, I was intrigued that see you have been offered Avonex in London – did they not offer you Plegrity as an option, the newer version of the drug produced by Biogen, which you inject only once every two weeks with a “pen” (making injecting easier too).

As stumbler indicates, a potential side effect is liver stress, so I have decided to cut out alcohol altogether. See my recent post to the community too – let’s see what other say.
Knotty x

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