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Spirulina – good or bad?

Hi guys!

Dr. Terry Wahls recoomends, amongst all her diet tips, spirulina as being a powerful detoxyfier, that can help clean the body and alleviate MS.

I did some research on it, and this tiny algae seems to do its job well. But here goes my question: being such a powerful immune booster, doesn’t it do more harm than good? Especially if you are taking a DMD that is meant to dampen your immune system?

I really dunno what to think. People that are on the Wahls protocol consume it in smoothies, as much as a teaspoon a day.

Do any of you have info on this? Nutrition and suplements seem to be a big deal / topic with MS.

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3 years ago

As is normal, @denisa , there are tales of good and bad. I recognised the supplement name, so I’m sure I tried it for a while. I can’t say I noticed any change, neither positive or negative!

There’s some details of the supplement here :-

The article does suggest that it’s best avoided if you have an auto-immune condition! 😮

However, you may want to try it and judge for yourself. 😉

3 years ago

I personally think Wahls is best avoided…

3 years ago

Hi, I started taking Spiruline a month ago so perhaps it too early to notice any change but I did notice my digestion is much better, I do follow the best bet diet no Gluten,dairy or sugar and notice my symptoms are much worse when I go back to my old diet.

3 years ago

There’s a lot in the diets and certain diets promote supplements others don’t
Find out what’s in the supllement and see if you can get it naturally from your food if your not sure

3 years ago

I have been taking spirulina for over 16 years. it is great it does help with a boost in energy. I have over the years stopped taking it but this was because I just got lazy. I feel for me it is a positive but you don’t know unless you try it.

3 years ago

Strangely, I agree with most of you guys.

@stumbler – the part that turned me off from the beginning was the immune stimulation part. As I am on Copaxone, if I would be taking spirulina also, basically I would eliminate (so to speak) the DMD effects. Decisions, decisions, decisions :))

@lorag – Some people swear by spirulina as being a tonic and a beneficial supplement. I like to believe that it can be a good choice, but I find myself being scared to try it. By the way, I have a spirulina bottle in my kitchen, but I’m afraid of activating any symptoms :))) On theother hand, I drink daily turmeric tea and I find it helped me a lot. Hmm, I think I’ll ask my neurologist for an opinion.

@krisp – the detoxifying part is what draws me to spirulina. And the selenium, iodine, zinc, vitamin B complex and magnesium… But I also have alternatives for those (chia seeds, spinach, etc)

@simone2 – did you make other changes to your diet? Do you eat any processed foods? How is your glicemia? I am curious, as I am on a gluten and refined sugar diet myself. Low dairy and only honey for tea and such. Spirulina could have influenced your sysmptoms, who knows. Try to stay away from it a week or so and see how you feel.

@krrrby – why do you think that? Tried it and had bad results?

3 years ago

@simone2 – sorry, I misunderstood your point of view. I thought you were saying that the no gluten, dairy and sugar diet made your sysmptoms worse. I too seem to have a bit of symptom awakening when I eat gluten or refined sugar. I don’t get that as much from dairy, though (although I don’t drink milk anymore, only cheese and a greek yoghurt now and then).

3 years ago

Hi Denisa, I don’t have any processed foods because I am allegic to all additives so try to keep away from all processed and avoid all sugar.

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