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Spinal Cord Lesions


I was just wondering if any of you have seen your scans with those on ?
I saw them for first time yesterday
They look very different from the brain.
It’s strange this ms thing. I was looking at the spinal cord. Very different .
Made me feel a bit funny really . I am thinking will thing be able to get through

Has anyone ever seen A chiropractor before
Good results ?


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10 months ago

Hi @rachaellouise
I saw my spinal scan. I have a large lesion there. In my neck. I think this is what is giving me the numbness in my hands, arms, legs and feet. And face and scalp.
Dizziness. All day every day headache. It stinks. I would do anything for it to go away. But I try to keep a good spirit and make other people’s day brighter. I don’t understand why some of people I closely deal with at work behave in such a fowl way. Get up on the wrong side of the coffin. If they spent one minute in wrecked nervous system and saw my attitude despite, I think they would start to understand how stupid their behavior is.

10 months ago

Your so right . People will not know how it feels no , it makes us stronger though dealing and coping with this and getting through .
Remember it is possible to have MS and other things . It makes sense. You could have a issue with your neck unrelated to MS .
My chiro thinks that from my scans and maybe causing the dizziness so we shall see. It might not be the lesion ! It might be the neck itself. Are you seeing anyone for it…
you could try strengthening neck exercise , seeing someone and balance retraining all combined and see if it helps the dizziness . This is what I will be doing …

Are you having a relapse ?
How big is the lesion …

10 months ago

My steps will be
Chiro, specific neck exercises and body 2 – 3 times a day and balance with vrt exercises too. All combined . It won’t have a chance without doing all and the. Giving it time to heal

How he described it is my head and neck need stabilising . Makes sense like if you was in space then came here .
Takes time

Rachael x

10 months ago

Thank you for the advice. I’ve seen 5 neurologists in about 18 months. Working on the 6th. I go through neurologists like a box of tissues. They all say my symptoms are very typical for a spinal lesion… especially the numbness.
Doing anything with my neck makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like anyone even touching my neck. Honestly, I’m lucky to be alive. A woman ran me over with her car when I was young. Broke my neck she did. It makes me wonder if the trauma has something to do with all this. Sometimes, less is more.
BTW: saw you joined that facebook group I’m in.

10 months ago

@rachaellouise , I have never had that much interest in seeing my scan results. I wouldn’t really understand what I’m looking at! 😕

A decent chiropractor should tell you if you’re wasting your money with them. But, try it and see whether you experience any benefit from your money.

10 months ago

@stumbler – I didn’t understand but I had to look that’s what I’m like. Inquisitive … won’t stop till explore every avenue … I always think theirs more to this and want to solve it.. might take years but hopefully be worth it in the end ! Ultimate goal being to live well!

@aabreu – I’m no expert but the numbness might be from the lesion but the neck problems and dizziness can be other things going on. I’m beginning to see that more now … can have two things going on or more than two .
They always talk about having a accident and neck problems so I think that is a separate issue for you to address . Could be some how related to ms too but we don’t know.
My problems began in 2015 with a severe infection labyrintitus which lead to lots of unpleasant things like severe vertigo where I was sick constantly throwing up and bed bound . It’s improved but
not been dizzy free since . Think lead to ms … don’t know the specifics but believe it triggered ms … life totally out of balance too, which I’m certain has a link
With how I was my neck has not really been moving naturally or freely as held in unnatural positions as your brain goes into protection mode trying to help you but then can cause problems in neck and keep you dizzy.

Are you seeing anyone for your neck. A good neurologist will look at the scans with you and see if their is anything else on their other than lesions which could be a separate issue.
From my experience though I’ve seen 2 and they didn’t go through them but they should .

Are you seeing a chiro or anyone ?

9 months ago

I see a chiropractor but only every 2 months to keep everything where it should be. My chiropractor is aware of my MS and has states that if I feel my numbness etc is bad when I see him then to tell him as it would affect how he treats me. He also said that it can make symptoms worse and cause flare ups so you need to be careful and have one.who is ethical and also good relationship so know how you are etc and treat you accordingly.

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