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Sorry to be repetitive but PIP!

Hi all
Just had the brown envelope arrive, such fun!!!
I’ve filled out the official secrets act no end of times, plus I hold way above the clearance to be capable of accessing certain areas.
To get this they asked very personal questions about me and my family which is kind of understandable.
Oh and a home visit.
It takes about six months to get it confirmed the first time which I can understand for good reasons.
But Christ this lot seem to go way beyond that.
Keep smiling.

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6 months ago

I don’t want to come across as teaching you to suck eggs! If you are in the mood for a bit of campaigning…

If it were me I’d be cc’ing [email protected], Esther McVey resigned a few hours ago or I’d suggest contacting her, also the Shadow Minister for the DWP, the editor of the Telegraph etc., various MS charities etc.

Bring it to the fore with people who don’t want poor PR, and those able and willing to dish out a bit of poor PR.

Remember – Illegitimi non carborundum!

6 months ago

Thanks I’ll bear that in mind……
I think I’ll send my questions to
Angela Merckel or Mr Macron they’ll be running the show soon anyway.
Keep smiling.

6 months ago

They won’t want anything to do with a disruptive vassal state. They’ll send some junior numpty to administer us 😉

6 months ago

Ahh so I will be listened to then and I’ll get to talk to a human.
That’s progress.
Hope their French
If they are German I might start worrying!

6 months ago

If they are French they will give up and give you what you want.

6 months ago

So I just go on strike then and blame the English, sounds like a plan!

6 months ago

@highlander so you’ve had the famous brown envelope. Here’s to the next year of your life fighting anyone and everyone! Joking apart, I think the government have finally realised that people with ms, or any other regenerative disease, should be believed right from the start, no hold ups, no appealing (cos we invariably win) the cost to them is far more than the supposed savings they make. I totally understand why they started in the first place, we’ve all seen the surveillance on people who try and claim anything and everything that they don’t need and are not entitled to. But the private firms that do the assessment are all in it to make a profit, again we’ve all seen the secret filming by Panorama a couple of years ago, and even they all have to be ‘health professionals’ I.e. Nurses or occupational therapists, but in the classroom, where they have to spend a fortnight, learning ‘the ropes’ they are told, if they see 10 people a day, they gave to knock 2 off the syste, otherwise the company doesn’t make a profit! Too late for me, as I’ve already told everyone, I have to go to court on 3rd December to attend my tribunal (10 months waiting) so even if the judge says yes, I have to go in a Neuro home if it snows because neither my electric wheelchair or my mobility scooter work in snow, so Ibeont even be able to go to the co-op for a pint of milk and a loaf! Approximate cost to the government £3000 per week. It will take 3 months from ordering a car because of the adaptions. Cost of tribunal approx £24k total to government about £50k for the sake of £2,500 a year for me to gave a mobility car, crazy isn’t it, so I wish you well, keep fighting🥊

5 months ago

I’ve just been through the system, I was allowed standard on both getting 18 points until 2024. I was on a lifetime award of higher for both on DLA. I hated the face to face assessment, it was abusive and humiliating. The assessor out and out contradicted me on everything I explained. I feel like I should go to mandatory consideration but all I really want is to never have to go through an assessment again.

5 months ago

@funnybank , this seems to be their style. They want to undermine you, to scare you off, hence saving the Government money.

Don’t feel belittled by their tactics. You must know whether the assessment is unfair to you, so if you feel short-changed, you must ask primarily for the mandatory reconsideration.

But, seek assistance from the Citizens Advice or local MS Society Branch to help you through the process.

5 months ago

Hi and thanks for the head’s up, two things how’s your daughter doing she must be getting exited, Christmas and birthday all coming round very soon!
Secondly will it be ok to have someone accompany me at the meeting where ever it is, as I have great difficulty speaking due to damage to my penduncles, subcortical ufibres and temporal lobes.
To name but a few.
So my wife will be with me and speaking on my behalf, I’m sure this will acceptable?
Keep smiling
It’ll soon be Christmas! Deep joy…

5 months ago


It is acceptable to be accompanied at an assessment. I was accompanied by my wife as a wheelchair user.

5 months ago

@highlander I had my face to face assessment at home. I got the appointment letter on a Saturday telling me the appointment was on the Thursday. So I didn’t have time to sort out a recording device but also didn’t have to go anywhere or have long to wait. I used the information off a website called fightback 4 justice (I know there is a lot of controversy about their service but I found it useful) It basically explained from an ex assessor what they will be looking for. They go over the contents of your application, so re reread what you’ve described. They aren’t supposed to ask leading questions like You would be able to do X wouldn’t you? My assessor did this constantly. They are supposed to ask open questions which get you to describe your situation. Watch out for them trying to get you to admit stuff you can do on your best day as they take this as what you can do always. They do ask how much time you suffer from your symptoms so you could say 5 days out of seven or 3 weeks out of 4 or half the day everyday to give a percentage of time. If you have good medical evidence to back up your description this should help. They will look at the way you sit, if you hand them anything, if you are calm or distressed. Have your wife answer the door hand them anything. I stopped talking after a personal question about continence and my OH had to talk and I nodded agreement. I had to do the utterly rediculous physical examination. I requested a copy of the report from the dwp before my actual decision was sent out. It was less of a shock to the system. The assessor made comments on our politeness and how kempt I was. Eurgh.

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