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Sorry need advice

Sorry to do this I desperately need advice as I’m getting very very stressed out. My x partner walked out on me over a week ago no explanation nothing angry I didn’t hear from him again until Friday when he started demanding all the property from the house. I mean everything all I’d be left with is the flooring picture amd display cabinet. What can I do legally to stop this if their is anything that is. He will leave me in a situation where I can’t cook wash or sit down to chill out. I’m very very worried by this as I no if I reply he will start to get abusive towards me. I need help

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1 year ago

I don’t don’t about England but in Kansas if you have lived together for more than two years you can file for a divorce and you have some rights. Potter

1 year ago

Hi thanks I’m not to sure how it works over here. But I’m getting seriously stressed out about it it’s worse as it’s a joint tenency and I can’t stop him from entering unless I have concrete proof of abuse

1 year ago

Hi @simon2016 sorry if you’ve already thought of it but maybe Citizens Advice? Or maybe Civil Legal Advice Without really knowing the details of yours/his entitlement to the belongings it’s hard to say but I’d give them a go if I were in your position. There may be some other advice places near you. You could also ring the police if you are worried about abuse or that he would come and steal things?

1 year ago

Hi I’m awaiting the local pcsos to call round to find out what I can do. I have his mums support as he dissed the whole family and call us all fraudsters. I’m in a way scared as if someone official shows up at his door he will kick of at me with a torrent of verbal abuse. Which is why I’m kinda scared to do anything, I no since this started I get numbness down the whole right side of my body. If I do t do anything I fear a relapse if I do i no the symptoms will get worse and lead to a relapse. So in a way I’m trapped

1 year ago

@simon2016 , I am sorry that you’re having to go through this. It does seem like a no win situation, but there’s always a solution somewhere:-

I should imagine that this group should be able to provide advice/support :-


Take care.

1 year ago

You poor thing,
What an awful
situation. Can
you go to friends
or family if you’re
scared? Or have someone with you for support? All advice above is helpful but you need someone with you……

1 year ago

Hi simon2016….most of my message got hidden, sorry. Was saying I’m so sorry for your situation. Could you go to your family or have a friend or family member be with you for support? The last thing you need is stress. What a complete selfish shit he must be. When the dust finally settles you’ll be relieved that he’s out of your life……in the meantime, the above advice from other members is great ….GOOD LUCK. Xx

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