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soo scared

Hello all, I am new here and was lead here via the BBC article

This has been my journey

April 1st – Burning sensation in my legs- both legs

April 5th – Weakness in my legs, legs felt like lead/ eyes start hurting and watering all the time, finding it hard to read/got glasses, the two letters that came to mind MS

Had a MRI done yesterday awaiting results and have been getting ready to hear the worst. Purchased two books George Jelenick and swank hoping to eat healthy and see if i can live longer

Googling all my symptoms brings up MS ….. i guess i have to be strong for my Familiy

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6 years ago

Hello. I’m new today too, and also came via the Bbc article. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and I know what you mean about being strong for family. I found it a circle of worry – my parents and husband worrying about me, but me worrying about them worrying. Not helpful for anyone really! Your family and friends want to support you so don’t feel you have to be strong all the time as that can be stressful and make you worse. Good luck with MRI results – yes it’s scary, we’ve all been through it. I know everyone deals with things differently, but I found it a bit of a relief when I got the diagnosis as I finally knew for definite what I had and could then move forward. Best wishes. XX

6 years ago

You are entitled to A LOT OF support if it’s found you do have MS. I didn’t get any initially and my GP was so appalled by the local neuro dept that she referred me to the London specialist hospital. You need a good MS nurse, neuro, physio and GP all working with you. So my advice is: expect loads of help, advice, follow-up and if it’s not forthcoming, exercise your right to be treated elsewhere. I get brilliant help and support which has enabled me to put the MS in its proper place – i.e. not dominating my life. (I was dx in 2003).

6 years ago


I too have been diagnosed just over a year. It started with double vision that kinda cleared up, now i have a little issue with balance nothing major. Just wanted to say that
i too bought Jelenick’s and Swank’s book and have been following the diets for about a year. They have both been a real positive in dealing and coping with MS. The payoff if the diet works could be huge but in a way its taking control which mattered to me.
I wish you the best of luck.

6 years ago

Thanks for all the support, feeling a lot better getting to hear from people.I just got results from Blood work and my Vit D level was 45nmol, receptionist said it was okay… hmmmmmm

I have my MRI scan of my spine in a weeks time and still dont know what the MRI of my brain has come up with…..suspense is killing me. Its bad enough you think you are going to die and its worse that people actually know whether i am going to get MS and i dont.
How long does it take to get MRI results? can i demand to see the results,.. this suspense is killing me

6 years ago


I know that this is a trauamatic time for you, the dreaed of the unknown, the what if? But have you consider what if it isn’t MS? It could be MS, but it may not be, and working yourself up into this tiny ball of stress will only make things worse for you.

I don’t think you can demand to see your M RI results there and then, but if you could, would you really know what you were looking for? Besides, an MRI scan alone can’t say whether or not someone has MS, it can indicate towards MS, but it needs to be backed up by other test results, and these can take time. MS is usually the top rung of the diagnosis ladder and the rungs below it need to be crossed off first.

If it does turn out to be MS, there has never been a better time to be diagnosed, even in the last five years since I was diagnosed, things have come on in leaps and bounds, MS has never been better understood, the support has never been so plentiful. MS doesn’t mean death, it doesn’t mean wheelchairs and it definitly doesn’t mean giving up 🙂

You’ve clearly got a spark in you, a real drive, just try and focus it in the right direction.


6 years ago

OMG encouraging words Gav, very encouraging, I am trying to be very positive and will take your kind words to heart. I thank god for this site and everybody here making me feel alot better inside.

Thanks all

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