cocofloyd1 27/02/17
Last reply 11 months ago
So vain I know🙄

I know this sounds very vain of me but I’ve just noticed that when I smile the right side is drooping! I’ve not noticed when looking in mirror it’s just that I’ve been trying to loose a bit of weight and on the app I’ve took selfies. Well I just looked at them there as I didn’t pay attention before and to my surprise my smile is lopsided. Does anyone else have this? I’m just unsure if it’s ms related or I’m just getting old and face changing haha!

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11 months ago

@cocofloyd1 , this maybe a “Bell’s Palsy”. This has a neurological basis.

Have a read here:-

11 months ago

@stumbler thanks for the link. I’ve had friends who had Bell’s palsy don’t think it’s as severe looking but will mention to doctor if it doesn’t improve soon.

11 months ago

I’ve had this and yes it is bells palsy. Steroids can help.

11 months ago

@cocofloyd1 strangely this happens to me when I have steroids ….. weirdness

11 months ago

Being worried about how you look isn’t vain – it’s a legitimate concern. How we think other people see us can seriously affect our sense of self, so no need to feel that such concerns aren’t significant or something to apologize for.

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